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I am a morning person and can’t live without breakfast. I really make time to prepare and cook breakfast – either by whipping something up in the kitchen using left-over food or by simply having something delivered by our friendly fast-food joint nearby. I also don’t mind driving somewhere else just to eat a hearty and filling breakfast (or brunch, for that matter).

One of the places I don’t mind driving to, is Main Street located along Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Taguig City.Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort Bonifacio They serve amazing brunch every weekend! At least that’s a weekly time-off for me in the kitchen! They may only have a few brunch items on their menu, but every single offering is amazing and so worth the trip! Just take a look at the pictures (and description) below… and prepare to salivate.

Main Street brunch specialties

Main Street Fritata (Php260.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioIt has three (3) eggs, fried chorizo, cherry tomatoes, kesong puti, garlic, onion rosemary and tangy sour cream topping. The flavors blended really well with crispy sides that are just absolutely fun to eat! Partner it with Main Street’s freshly squeezed OJ.

The Eggslut (Php300.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioThis Main Street combo of creamy scrambled egg and applewood smoked bacon + cheddar cheese just hits the spot perfectly! Comes with sriracha mayo and caramelized onions for that additional twist of flavor on a sesame bun with hand-cut fries.

Classic Eggs Benny (Php300.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioHow can you say no to Eggs Benedict? Main Street’s version has two (2) poached eggs, applewood smoked Canadian bacon, spinach on English muffin and generously smothered with smooth, creamy and buttery hollandaise sauce. I must say… Main Street does know how to make damn good hollandaise sauce! It comes with roasted herb potatoes, too. The entire dish is just so delightful to eat!

Crabcake Eggs Benny (Php320.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioAnother eggs benny version but using crabcakes this time. A little lighter than the classic one but just as good. The spinach gives this dish a clean finish that compliments the flavor of the crab patty. One thing I pleasantly noticed, too, is that I still got to eat the same quality crabcake from my previous visit – plump and tasty using real crab meat.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Bacon Waffle (Php330.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioYou get three (3) pieces of buttermilk fried chicken, bacon and chive waffle with Don Papa rum-infused honey and apple coleslaw. Everything in this Main Street dish was cooked with the right kind of “doneness”. The perfectly seasoned buttermilk fried chicken was crispy and juicy while the bacon & chive waffle retained its moisture. The rum-infused honey added an interestingly sweet and slightly musky flavor.

The Bacon Slab (Php320.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioLook at that thick slab o’ bacon! The smokey taste with a bit of charring made this Main Street dish much more irresistible! The thick cut applewood smoked bacon with two (2) sunny-side up eggs and sweet potato mash were all put together perfectly. This is one dish that you should not pass up on!

Kitayama Hanging Tender Steak & Eggs (Php390.00)
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort Bonifacio

Adam of Main Street also made us try this insanely good dessert! It doesn’t have a name yet, though, but if I were to name it, I’d call it To-Die-For Bacon Waffle Ice Cream! Friendly advice: Make sure you bring an ID along before trying out this dessert for the first time because you might suddenly forget your name upon indulging on this spectacularly delicious Main Street specialty!
Main Street - Tuscany - McKinley Hill - BGC - Fort BonifacioAccording to Adam, they ran several batches of waffle batter just to perfect it. Believe me when I say this has got to be one of the best tasting waffles in town! Crispy sides and still oh so moist inside.

So, this coming weekend, don’t think of what to cook for breakfast. Just head on over to Main Street instead. It’s most definitely something to look forward to every weekend! By the way, brunch is served from 9AM – 12PM only.

You can also order additional sides if you want more…
2 Strips Bacon (Php50.00)
Egg (Php20.00)
Herb Rice (Php40.00)
Roasted Herb Potatoes (Php60.00)
Don Papa Infused Honey (Php40.00/shot)

How about some satisfying drinks to partner with your meal?
Brewed Barako Coffee (Php70.00)
Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (Php100.00)
House Brewed Iced Tea (Php65.00)
Soda: Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero (Php50.00)
Bottled Water (Php25.00)

To know more about Main Street’s other wonderful offerings, check out my earlier post about them here.

Contact Details

Tuscany at McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
C: 0917 – 8158187
E: [email protected]

Main Street – Tuscany – McKinley Hill – BGC – Fort Bonifacio


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