The Coffee Beanery experience!

Right after waking up, I only think of 2 things right away: my mobile phone and my cup of hot coffee. My family is just secondary. LOL.

I have been a caffeine addict ever since I graduated from college despite the acidity that I get after every cup. It gives me a certain high everytime I take my first sip. It improves my mood. It makes me alive.

During a press preview that was recently held at The Coffee Beanery – Katipunan outlet where it was re-launched as a “Third Wave” coffee shop, The Coffee Beanery showcased the upscaled café environment and expanded menu selection of new brews, roasts and blends which excited me a lot!
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings

The Coffee Beanery is a third-wave coffee shop that aims to cater to a new and younger coffee fanatic market that loves artisanal product offerings. Ok just to give you a brief backgrounder, a third-wave coffee shop refers to high-quality homegrown beans, serving different kinds of coffee using different coffee methods or preparations like pour-over and vacuum coffee to name a few. Some even have latte art.
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings

Third-wave coffee shops are actually mushrooming everywhere, serving cups of joe with an assortment of food selections to complete your coffee experience and The Coffee Beanery outlets have just that prepared by Chef Boom Jota and Chef Christine Paredes.

Choose from their variety of signature cakes, pastries, savory choices, baked goodies and some “to go” items like the argellanas and lengua de gato to name a few.
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings

After trying out some of the samplers, a demonstration of the different kinds of brewing methods were shown to us by the Baristas of The Coffee Beanery: Karena Valerio, Criz Osal and Zaldy Mangaliag. Each barista shared their knowledge about the variety of premium coffee beans and their unique characteristics and the proper ratio.

Try the various blends and preparations of The Coffee Beanery

The Coffee Beanery - CCA - CravingsThis classic brewing process produces a smooth medium body and flavorful cup using vapor pressure and vacuum. Best with high acidity coffees.

The Coffee Beanery - CCA - CravingsThis is the newest brewing method in the country and probably one of the best brewing methods. It has less brewing time and the coffee goes directly to your cup resulting in a stronger and richer flavor.

Pour Over
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - CravingsThis is basically the drip method. A cone-shaped paper filter is used to extract the coffee while pouring the water straight off-the-boil in a controlled manner. A subtle flavored, fragrant and seductive coffee cup is produced.

I got a taste of The Coffee Beanery’s Summer Blend 2014 in medium roast.
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - CravingsA combination of Panama Carmen estate and Kenya Karimikui beans – clean, refined and well balanced that pleasantly lingers on the palate.

At The Coffee Beanery, patrons can also have their cups of “customized coffee” by simply requesting for the coffee beans of their choice and their preferred brewing method.
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings

The Coffee Beanery’s interior sports a green-black color motif using elegant and plush furnishings. It’s open and spacious.
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - CravingsIdeal for meetings and informal get-togethers with reading nooks and free Wi-Fi.

The Coffee Beanery is committed to using only coffee beans sourced from the finest coffee farms in the world, including those that are organically-grown in local farms in the country such as various parts of Benguet. This is not only to support the local coffee farmers but the coffee industry as a whole.
The Coffee Beanery - CCA - Cravings

Owned and operated by the Cravings Group — which has been in the forefront of the industry for over 20 years.

Contact Details

CCA Bldg., Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City (across Ateneo)
T: 426-6684
Instagram: thecoffeebeanerymnl


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