Hot dogs and more at Munchtown, Promenade!

When you watch a flick in a movie house, it’s almost second nature to grab something to eat, right? Usually, you end up buying junk food which we all know is not so healthy and a waste of money.

Well, boy do I have good news for you! If you still haven’t tried Munchtown, now is the time to do so!
Munchtown - Promenade - Greenhills

Munchtown serves American comfort-food by Chef Robby Goco. The kind of food that’s fast, visually appetizing and delicious! You can easily dine in their comfortable premises or, if you’re in a hurry to catch your movie, you even have the option to have Munchtown deliver your order to the very seat inside the cinema where you’re situated. Of course, take out is always another option if you have hungry friends or family at home.
Munchtown - Promenade - Greenhills
Munchtown - Promenade - Greenhills

Just recently, Munchtown launched their signature hot dogs! Chef Robby Goco created another set of delighful masterpieces – from the simple and traditional to “outrageous-oh-my-god-that-is-soooo-awesome” hotdogs! You just gotta try all of ‘em. Just look!

Munchtown Hotdogs!

Le Poodle
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsTopped with rich Brie, caramelized onions and dill pickles that work perfectly together. The brie and dill pickle is a killer combo!

Deputy Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsFilled with cheddar cheese, pulled pork and russian dressing. This Munchtown specialty in particular makes the most of both sharp and savory flavors.

Chili Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsYour typical classic dog but with homestyle chili con carne, onion relish and mustard, topped with ooey-gooey cheese! This hotdog reminds me very much of the kind of sandwich I would have during my college school years which I’d normally partner with an ice cold soda!

Everything But The Kitchen Sink (E.B.T.K.S.)
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsPacked with caramelized onions, topped with melted cheese and slices of jalapeños. This Munchtown hotdog looks quite simple but it is just bursting with flavors from the natural sweetness of the caramelized onions and the dollop of meaty sauce.

Chicago Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsIf you love spicy food, I don’t think there’s anyway you can say no to this? This is quite a thing of beauty! It’s got tomatoes, onions, pickle relish, sliced pickle spear, banana peppers, mustard and sprinkled with celery salt. All of my favorite toppings in one sandwich in a slightly toasted bun! Warning though, it gets hot towards the 3rd banana pepper. This has got to be my favorite amongst the whole batch!

Naked Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsFranks, pickle relish, onions, catsup and russian dressing. Mix it all together or eat it plain. Either way, it’s really good!

New York Classic Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsThis classic dog from Munchtown is suddenly given more life with its added loads of sauerkraut, onions and mustard. Bursting with flavors yet still comforting. For me, at least. Maybe because I enjoy eating sauerkraut and onions. Can’t get enough of it. 😉

Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsA well balanced hotdog sandwich with the perfect ratio of lettuce, tomatoes and bacon. This is something I can probably eat on a regular basis. I love how the bacon is nicely seasoned and a bit of chewy.

Taco Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsCheesy but not overwhelming, topped liberally with tomatoes, onions and lettuce on a soft taco. A Mojito is most definitely this dog’s perfect partner!

Pizza Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsThe best of both worlds – American and Italian, in one amazing bun! The flavors of basil and the smokiness of the franks are just crazy good while the stringy mozzarella makes this Munchtown delight double the fun to eat!

Surf Dog
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsThis Munchtown offering has tons of flavorful components – bell peppers for a more interesting flavor, onions for that sharp taste and some sweet pineapple to balance everything out.

Munchtown also has an assortment of fries that you may want to partner with your dogs.

Poutine with Smoked Pulled Pork
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsPotato, gravy and cheese curd topped with a generous amount of pulled pork. The smoky taste of the pulled pork goes well with the cheese’s salty flavor. Best eaten while the gravy is still hot!

Blue Cheese Fries with Chicken Liver
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsPerfectly crunchy fries topped with slightly charred chicken liver gives this Munchtown dish a nice textural contrast while the Blue cheese’s sharp and salty flavors make it even more delicious. Doesn’t get deliciously dirtier tastier than this!

You might also want to try Munchtown’s Black Angus Cheeseburger.
Munchtown - Promenade - GreenhillsPerfectly cooked black angus patty, cheddar cheese, french cut onion and tomatoes. It’s like one amazing party in a bun!

Munchtown also serves sliders, pizzas and burritos.

See, Munchtown is dedicated to bringing you good food and making your movie time a complete and wonderful experience. So, sit back, munch on and enjoy!

Contact Details

Unit 202 Upper Level, Promenade 2
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan City
T: 785-6931
Instagram: @munchtown


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