Nederburg Wine at Chef Jessie, Rockwell Club

The Republic of South Africa is known for so many beautiful things. And one of them is South African wine… particularly, Nederburg Wine.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar

Nederburg, South Africa’s most awarded winery was founded in 1791. For generations the Winemasters at the Nederburg Estate have been mastering the craft of making superior and highly acclaimed wines. It is the story of how one man’s dream and unyielding passion has created a legacy of wine mastery that has endured for over two centuries.

It’s hallmark combination of fruit and finesse continues to be rewarded around the world and has earned the highest number of five-star ratings in the Platter’s South African Wine Guide. It has had countless awards from then on, too, making it the Diamond of South African Wines.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar

Last week, I was able to experience several Nederburg wines and an exquisite dinner prepared by Chef Jessie Sincioco at Chef Jessie – Rockwell Club. With 2 trusted and well-known names in their respective fields, how can this particular wine dinner go wrong?
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar

Just before dinner, two wonderful and important gentlemen were introduced who were flown in to grace the Winemaster’s Dinner: Mr. Sam Martin and Mr. Wilhelm Pienaar. Mr. Martin is Distell’s Regional Business Manager for China and Hongkong to name a few. While Mr. Pienaar, Nederburg’s Winemaker, shared about Nederburg’s wine tasting notes.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar
(Left) Sam Martin and Wilhelm Pienaar (Right)

During a short private interview we had with these gentlemen prior to the event, Mr. Pienaar who came all the way from South Africa, mentioned that Nederburg takes pride in 3 things: Passion, Precision and Innovation.

So, what better way to truly experience Nederburg wines than to taste and experience it.

The Nederburg Wine Dinner

Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc was served non-stop to guests who were arriving for this much awaited dinner. It was the drink of choice while people were getting to know the men of Future Trade International.

Future Trade International is the exclusive distributor of Nederburg.

Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar-Winemaster's Reserve Sauvignon BlancMade entirely from Sauvignon Blanc grapes with a distinctive tropical fruit flavor. Light and smooth with a pleasant finish.

The Anchor Heritage Heroes Range – Chenin Blanc seemed to overflow as well when several hors d’oeuvre were rolled out in Fish Mousse with Caviar on Toast, Gougere and Fried Mozzarella Roll.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar-Anchor Heritage Heroes Range Chenin BlancThe combination of fresh and fruity flavors went harmoniously well with fish. The aroma of orange and floral hints is what gave this wine its immediate charm and crowd-friendly appeal.

The Anchor Heritage Heroes Range – Chenin Blanc is not yet available in the market. It was specially flown in from South Africa.

When everyone was settled, a toast was offered to begin the Winemaster’s Dinner.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar

Bottles of Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Pinotage were served to guests to partner with Chef Jessie’s freshly baked Ciabatta bread and rolls, Country Paté with Cumberland Sauce served on a bed of assorted lettuce.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar

Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Pinotage has the aroma of plums and prunes which are very evident. It also has a nice lingering aftertaste. You know it’s quality wine when the aftertaste stays longer in the mouth.Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar-Winemaster's Reserve Pinotage

For our main entrée (which by the way, everyone was so eager to partake of), Chef Jessie prepared a Grilled Ostrich Steak in sun-dried tomato sauce with sweet potato mash and sauteed French beans as an accompaniment. This particular dish was partnered with The Brew Master Heritage Heroes Range Cabernet Sauvignon.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm PienaarNederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm PienaarThis monster of a steak didn’t taste like Ostrich at all. If you didn’t know it was Ostrich, you’d swear it was beef. No gamey taste at all. A tad hard to slice because this particular fare doesn’t have fat. But, boy was it really flavorful!

Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar-Brew Master Heritage Heroes Range Cabernet Sauvignon
The Brew Master Heritage Heroes Range Cabernet Sauvignon is a beautiful red wine and undoubtedly the Grilled Ostrich steak’s perfect partner! Rich and round with a nice aroma of blackcurrant. A very appealing and sexy drink!

We ended the Winemaster’s Dinner with a heavenly and sinful Bread Pudding in Butterscotch Sauce A La Mode paired with Nederburg Noble Late Harvest.
Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm PienaarIt’s like eating the caramelized sugar from the bottom of a leche flan’s “llanera” with a hint of orange that’s just rich and divine!

Nederburg Wine-Chef Jessie-Rockwell Club-Wilhelm Pienaar-Noble Late Harvest
The Nederburg Noble Late Harvest can best be described as elegant, light and sweet like honey, supported by apricot and dried peach flavors. Definitely my kind of wine! Truly, a sweet way to end the night.

Chef Jessie Sincioco served homegrown dishes that complemented the Nederburg Wines. The Nederburg Wines that we sampled did not upstage the flavors of the food. Moreso, it brought out the taste of every wonderful dish that was served to us.

Nederburg Wines should be enjoyed with good company, sitting around the table with amazing food. Acquaint yourself and have a personal experience with it.

Nederburg Wines are available in select restaurants and establishments. You can get these wines retail at Rustan’s Supermarket.

Wilhelm Pienaar:
Born and raised in Stellenbosch with a degree in BSc Agric (Viticulture and Oenology) and MSc Agric (Viticulture) from University of Stellenbosch.

Mr. Pienaar joined Nederburg in October 2009 as a red winemaker. He also happens to be a son of a winemaker who, up to now, still makes wine in Portugal.

At Nederburg, Mr. Pienaar currently works with as many as 23 varietals sourced from most of the wine regions in South Africa.


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