Chef Anna Chua and My Pink Wasabi

The first time I have ever tried Chef Anna Chua’s sweet treats was during our Bellevue Manila staycation with my foodie family.

Chef Anna of My Pink Wasabi provided us with a box of Kashi Maki for our afternoon snacks during our first day.

The box of assorted Kashi Maki comes with FREE stainless steel chopsticks to give it a more Japanese feel. Just look at it… It’s too pretty to eat, right?My Pink Wasabi-Chef Anna Chua-Kashi MakiKashi Makis are actually hand-rolled cake crafted to look like makis. Pretty cool, huh? I love the Nutella Sesame, Midnight Mint, Coconut Dream and Coffee Kahlua.

4 pcs Kashi Maki (Chopsticks NOT included) – Php140.00
9 pcs Kashi Maki (Chopsticks NOT included) – Php280.00
18pcs Kashi Maki (FREE stainless steel chopsticks) – Php540.00

To know more about the other flavors of My Pink Wasabi’s Kashi Maki, click here.

Recently, I was also able to try the other colorful and tempting confectioneries of My Pink Wasabi.

Let’s start with these cute Reinbō Profiteroles.
My Pink Wasabi-Chef Anna Chua-Reinbo ProfiterolesThese profiteroles (more commonly known as “cream puff” to others) are flavored in strawberry, green tea, orange coffee and my favorite, caramel pepper. Don’t wait too long to enjoy these amazing treats because it is best eaten right away.

My Pink Wasabi-Chef Anna Chua-Reinbo Profiteroles

The Caramel Pepper has a nice amount of sweetness and slight yet noticable hint of zing when you bite into the pepper bits. This My Pink Wasabi creation has an unusual yet very delicious flavor combination! Each Reinbō Profiterole has a consistent creamy filling, too!

Box of 4 – Php155.00
Box of 6 – Php195.00
Box of 12 – Php360.00
Box of 15 – Php428.00

Tablea Fudgy Brownie Bites
My Pink Wasabi-Chef Anna Chua-Tablea Fudgy Brownie BitesI am not a chocolate fan. In fact, I can live without chocolates. But when you say “Tablea”, that’s a totally different story! This My Pink Wasabi delight is best paired with a cup of hot coffee in the morning to wake up your senses! Rich, moist and addicting! Very good stuff!

Php188.00 per canister of 36 brownie bites

Durian Cheesecake
My Pink Wasabi-Chef Anna Chua-Durian CheesecakeTwo of my favorite desserts in one cake! Salty, cheesy and creamy with a hint of onion and garlic taste that I love!!!

3″ – Php145.00
6″ – Php785.00
9″ – Php1,250.00

Chef Anna also makes really toothsome cookies! You got to try these Choco Chip cookies swirled with Nutella!
My Pink Wasabi-Chef Anna Chua-

Php160.00 per canister of 6.

My Pink Wasabi products are wonderful treats not only to the eye but also to your tummy. These delights look as good as they taste! A beautiful gift, giveaway or simply for your personal consumption. Either way, My Pink Wasabi will surely put a smile on everyone’s face receiving or eating it. 🙂

Delivery Details:
Metro Manila –
Saturday: 11am-6pm
No Minimum / Delivery Fee varies.

Alabang –
Wednesday/Sunday: Subject to availability.
Minimum of Php500 food purchase.
Delivery Fee: P350

About My Pink Wasabi

The inspiration for the name My Pink Wasabi came from its non-conformist style in dessert making. The idea of a pink wasabi summarizes the true essence of its products – unconventional yet complementing. It perfectly describes the sweet fusion of desserts with the simplicity and perfection of sushi.

Contact Details

1535 Joshua St. Jordan Plaines Novaliches, Q.C.
C: 0947-865 8634
E: [email protected]
Twitter: @mypinkwasabi
Instagram: @pink.wasabi


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