Palarong Nuffies 2014

I’ve been with Nuffnang Philippines for roughly 3 years now and I am very happy to be part of this amazing organization. They take care of me as their talent and of course my blog.

The Nuffies are always willing to lend a hand (and an ear) if you need advice for your blog or just about anything. They don’t treat talents differently. Because at Nuffnang, everyone is family.

Nuffnang always tries to find creative ways to strengthen our ties… and just last June 21, our first ever talent activity called Palarong Nuffies happened! The fun event was held at Treston International College.Palarong Nuffies 2014

A good number of Nuffnang Talents were able to join. Albeit some came in late and some weren’t able to join last minute, it was still an absolutely fun sportsfest!

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what kind of games were prepared for us. I finally had an inkling of what the challenges and fun activities were when I received an e-mail from Nuffnang saying:
“Are you ready for Patintero?! Calamansi Relay and other SUPER fun games?? :)”

Now, that made me all giddy and excited like when I was in my Elementary and High school days! Talk about old school games!

Because we were designated to be part of the Green Team, I used my daughter’s green and white loom band!Palarong Nuffies 2014

The gymnasium was ready when we arrived!Palarong Nuffies 2014Palarong Nuffies 2014
Palarong Nuffies 2014

And while waiting for the other talents and our teammates, we took a quick selfie with our bandanas that represent the color of each team.Palarong Nuffies 2014

Since Krispy Kreme was one of the sponsors, I did not pass on the chance to try their DoNuff (DOnut + NUFFnang) for a quick carbo load and sugar rush. Clever name, eh? 😉Palarong Nuffies 2014

Finally, a Green Team photo op! We were missing Richard Co here who was out of town.Palarong Nuffies 2014Pong and Tippy, Grace of Nuffnang, me and Chuckie.

This time with Jona of Nuffnang as our Game Master.Palarong Nuffies 2014

After a few minutes of gathering all the talents, Nuffnang Country Manager Abe Olandres officially opened the Palarong Nuffies!Palarong Nuffies 2014

So, what are we waiting for… Let the games begin!Palarong Nuffies 2014

We started the Palarong Nuffies with a cheering competition with only 15 minutes to collaborate and prepare! Talk about being impromptu! Haha!Palarong Nuffies 2014Racking our brains trying to come up with a nice cheer!

After the alloted time was up, this is what we came up with…Palarong Nuffies 2014Palarong Nuffies 2014

Here are the rest of the teams: Blue, Orange, Purple, Red and YellowPalarong Nuffies 2014

Enough of the introductions… Let me show you how fun the games were!

PatinteroPalarong Nuffies 2014

Calamansi RelayPalarong Nuffies 2014Remember this game? Make sure the calamansi won’t fall from the spoon. Otherwise, you’ll have to re-start.

Sack RacePalarong Nuffies 2014There’s no easy way to do this! If you hop slowly, you will lose. Just hop as fast as you can while pulling the sack. Doesn’t matter if you fall! LOL!

Nestea GamePalarong Nuffies 2014This Nestea Game reminds me of the beach because of the beach hat, sunglasses, beach ball and a pitcher of Nestea juice. Wear everything as fast as you can, run around and pass it on to your team mate.

Egg GamePalarong Nuffies 2014We used hard boiled eggs to avoid spills. You throw it to the teammate in front of you, pass it on to the next and the next until all three eggs have gone through without falling. I am proud to say that we finished this game first! Woohoo!

The Boat Cannot SinkPalarong Nuffies 2014This game looks simple but it’s actually quite difficult! You have several Php5.00 coins which you should strategically position and place inside the tin foil boat. In 2 minutes, you have to put all the coins in without making the tin foil boat sink.

Find The GoldPalarong Nuffies 2014Oh no! Finding the chocolate gold coin hidden underneath a basin full of flour using ONLY your mouth! I tell you, I had a slight asthma attack after this! Eck!

Look at everyone!Palarong Nuffies 2014

And the most photographed and video’d game of the day was the Limbo Rock!Palarong Nuffies 2014

I am proud to say that after more than a decade, with Scoliosis, 2 kids and considering my age now, I can actually still do the limbo! I may not have won, but going at it with the younger ones (who are much flexible than I am), it was an achievement to have lasted almost til the end.Palarong Nuffies 2014

Woah! We survived the whole afternoon playing and rooting for our team mates!

For the cheering competition, here are the winners:

1st Place: PURPLE TEAMPalarong Nuffies 2014

2nd Place: GREEN TEAMPalarong Nuffies 2014

3rd Place: BLUE TEAMPalarong Nuffies 2014

The Palarong Nuffies winners:

1st Place: ORANGE TEAMPalarong Nuffies 2014

2nd Place: RED TEAMPalarong Nuffies 2014

3rd Place: YELLOW TEAM20140704-232522-84322409.jpg

Here are the special awards:
Palarong Nuffies 2014

And the lady who got most of the awards is… Jackie Go!Palarong Nuffies 2014

Palarong Nuffies 2014

The #PalarongNuffies was made possible with the help of Treston International College, O+, Krispy Kreme, Nestea and Gardenia.

Thank you also to Nuffnang for the official photos and Googlygooeys also for other amazing shots. 😉


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