Ramen Daisho and the revolting cockroach poop!

Every Sunday we would normally eat out after hearing mass which would serve as our family bonding time. Yesterday, we all decided to have ramen for dinner and the closest establishment from church was Ramen Daisho located at the Ground Floor of Sunshine Square, Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong (beside Puregold).Ramen Daisho

First time at Ramen Daisho

It was actually our first time to try Ramen Daisho even if it was just a stones throw away from our place. I’m not much of a ramen person but my family enjoys it a lot, so off we went.

It was almost 8PM and we were all hungry. Everyone decided on ordering the Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen and one order of Gyoza just for the heck of trying it out.Ramen Daisho
Ramen Daisho

For drinks, we had soda in can and bottled iced tea. We were all excited to try our orders hoping for a delightful first visit to Ramen Daisho. Unfortunately, our experience in this establishment was anything but delightful.

My daughter told me that her iced tea bottle had a weirdly strange odor. When I held one of the iced tea bottles that was served to us, my stomach immediately churned with disgust because of the strong and unmistakable smell of something I was quite familiar with. I took a closer look of the bottle and noticed black specks of dirt. I immediately grabbed some tissue and wiped the bottle with it. What I saw on the tissue after wiping the bottle were smears of black pasty dirt.Ramen DaishoThe smell of the tissue was absolutely revolting! The dark grayish smears on the tissue were actually COCKROACH POOP! OH MY GOD! COCKROACH FECES!

We checked my husband’s iced tea bottle and it smelled just as bad and also had roach crap!

We immediately rushed to the wash area to clean our hands. We had to wash our hands several times trying to get rid of the sickening smell of roach excrement. When we got back to our table, the disgusting smell was still there even when we soaked our hands with alcohol!

My daughter lost her appetite and did not finish her food. What’s worse… upon informing the server of this terrible incident, not a single apology was uttered. Not even when the stinky bottle was replaced with a new one. You know what else was alarming? The very same server actually set up several bowls on different tables without even washing her hands!

So, before leaving the restaurant, I made sure to call the attention of the manager on duty to inform him of this horrible. As usual, the famous “Thank you for informing us and we are sorry.” line was delivered. Oh, well.

No doubt, Ramen Daiso serves good ramen. But what good is that if sanitation is non-existent at all? Bad storage practice says a lot about how unsanitary their kitchen must be. Imagine how Ramen Daisho must be handling and storing their food. How sickening!

So, if you must eat at Ramen Daisho, please make sure that your pop cans, juice bottles, utensils and everything else are clean! Double check! Your health depends on it! You can get seriously sick from ingesting roach (or rat) fecal matter.

Our first visit to Ramen Daisho is most definitely our last.


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8 Replies to “Ramen Daisho and the revolting cockroach poop!”

  1. Their operation can be suspended or they can be closed down due to this incident. Suggest to report thins to the local health office.

  2. mukhang kelangan na nila mas linis na ng stock room nila

  3. Roland Savellano says: Reply

    Yuck ! Hindi na ko kakain sa yuckie Ramen Daisho!

  4. Marie Aileen Regina Dreyfus says: Reply

    General cleaning!

  5. I think the iced tea came from the ref not the stock room

  6. This kind of establishment will be banned in Qatar as The Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning is very strict, also they have developed an iOS app to easily get in touch with them with your complain https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baladiya./id578188884?mt=8

  7. Marie Aileen Regina Dreyfus says: Reply

    We saw they were removing several iced tea bottles from the fridge. I am guessing, madumi din.

  8. I’m a regular customer at that ramen house never experience that kind of incident. Bottled drinks lang naman complains nyo at sigurado ako nag-Apology naman sila sa inyo halos lahat naman ng kahit mamahalin pa na restaurant madumi din naman. That ramen house is

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