Cook Dali with Maggi Magic Sarap

I have not taken any formal culinary training, but my love and passion in cooking and creating wonderful dishes for my family started as early as when I was 10 years old (Some of my recipes and heirloom recipes can be found here at my Dreyfus Cuisine category). So, being invited to a cooking demonstration always excites me!

One Saturday, my husband and I attended the Maggi Cook Dali cooking seminar at the Julius Maggi Kitchen at Rockwell, Makati lead by Chef Eric Magtanong.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

How could I possibly say no to something like this? Maggi has always been a part of my childhood. Even back in the days of beef bouillon cubes and their versatile seasoning. It has been a staple in our household for as long as I can remember. So, doing a Maggi activity such as this brought back lots of childhood kitchen memories for me.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

To my surprise, it is not merely a cooking session, but there’s also a short but straightforward wellness and nutrition talk by Maggi’s resident nutritionist, Ms. Aleli.Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali*Photo courtesy of Maggi Philippines.

Ms. Aleli pointed out 3 important factors on how to eat healthy:

1. Nutrition should enjoy good food, good life.
2. Moderation, Variety and Balance (MOVABA)
MOderation: neither in excess nor too little.
VAriety: No single food contains all nutrients. Variety on food preparation.
BAlance: Follows the proportion of food groups – Go, Grow and Glow

3. A healthy diet provides all essential nutrients.

Maggi promotes not only delicious cooking but health and wellness as well.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get our Maggi on and make some magic in the kitchen!
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook DaliCooking hasn’t even begun yet, but the fun sure has with Vivian of The Soshal Network and Rina of Rina’s Rainbow monkeying around behind us!

Chef Eric prepared several Maggi Magic Sarap egg recipes that we will replicate using Maggi Magic Sarap. These egg recipes will make your mornings more eggziting and your breakfasts will never be boring again.Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

TRIVIA: I use Maggi Magic Sarap at home instead of salt. It enhances the flavor and it lessens my salt usage.

Starting off with the basic Maggi Magic Sarap Fried Eggs followed by Maggi Magic Sarap Scrambled Eggs that I made.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

This was Chef Eric’s beautiful Maggi Magic Sarap Scrambled Eggs.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

Next was the Maggi Magic Sarap Egg Salad that Chef Eric assembled on a toasted bread complete with greens and slices of tomatoes.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

Since we made our own version too, check out my husband helping me make our version of the Maggi Magic Sarap Egg Salad.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

For the 4th egg recipe, Chef Eric taught us how to make a Maggi Magic Sarap Fritata. Fritata is like a Quiche without the crust.

Check out our Fritata after mixing all of the ingredients… almost there! Just waiting a few more minutes for it to be cooked.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

And here’s my Maggi Magic Sarap Fritata using tinapa, salted duck egg, eggplant, garlic, tomatoes and onions!
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

For our last egg dish, Chef Eric made 2 kinds of Omelet: American and French Omelets

Maggi Magic Sarap American Omelet
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook DaliThe American Omelet is folded in half.

Maggi Magic Sarap French Omelet
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook DaliWhile the French Omelet is cylindrical or log shape.

Both omelets however, have underdone centers with delicious creamy egg oozing out upon cutting it open. Both omelets are moist and slightly brown – just how I like it!

Of course, this cooking session wouldn’t be complete without us creating and presenting our own version. So‚Ķ Viola! Our Maggi Magic Sarap French Omelet!
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

Cooking has never been more fun than with these crazy foodie buddies that we belong to!

Abet and Joan of The Food Alphabet
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

Rina, Jill of The Food Scout and Joan.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

Oh yeah! Chuckie is at it again!
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook Dali

If you want to know the ingredients and how to make these egg dishes, the recipes are printed on the back of each Maggi Magic Sarap sachet.
Maggi Magic Sarap-Maggi Cook DaliPretty cool, eh?

With that, I will prepare a simple yet nutritious and enticing breakfast for you and your kids that they can likewise bring to school on my next post.

So make sure to check back then!
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