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OM Lifestyle + Cafe
Indian cuisine is not really a mystery if you think about it. Many of us are intimated by how an Indian restaurant looks like because of its interior or perhaps the aroma of their dishes.

At OM Lifestyle + Café, an Indian-inspired cafe and boutique owned by the mother and daughter duo, Suman and Anjie Gogna, you will effortlessly fall in love with authentically delicious Indian cuisine. They offer dishes which hail from the northern part of India – the kinds of food that are mango and tomato based. Far from the usual coconut-based dishes that some of us are used to eating, influenced from the southern part of India.

Indian food served at Om is surprisingly budget-friendly unlike most Indian restos in the metro.OM Lifestyle + Cafe

I will show you my top 3 dishes:

Samosas with Tamarind Chutney (Php40.00)
OM Lifestyle + Cafe
Stuffed with spiced vegetables. Crispy and tasty even without the Tamarind Chutney sauce. But if you want to add a bit more character to your Samosa, then by all means, pour some sauce. It will add a delightful hint of acidity and tanginess which compliments the Samosa’s light taste.

Palak Paneer (Php200.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeCooked in rich spinach sauce and Indian paneer cheese. I ate it with some chili chutney and I was blown away by how the flavors blended altogether and how spectacular it tasted! There was literally a party in my mouth!

Mutton Rogan Josh (Php250.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeSlow cooked for hours in flavorful curry sauce. Mutton is actually a fare that I am not too fond of eating. I am not a fan of lamb because of its gamey taste. But I was surprised that Om’s version did not taste gamey at all! Although the picture doesn’t do justice to it, this is one dish I will surely come back for!

Some of Om’s wonderful dishes that you might want to try too!

Chicken Biryani Rice (Php160.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeI can eat this alone! This rice dish is a meal in itself. Deliciously filling.

Raita (Php90.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeA colorful salad with potatoes, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, red cabbage and pomelo thats full of ooomph!

Butter Chicken (Php220.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeFragrant, rich and buttery in curry and cashew paste.

Chicken Tikka (Php180.00) and Paneer Tikka (Php180.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeA combination of both marinated overnight in different spices and yogurt that goes very well with the mint chutney.

Chili Chutney
OM Lifestyle + CafeThis is one smashing chutney! It can be mixed with any dish or with the Chicken Biryani Rice. But if becomes too hot for you to handle, add some mint chutney to counteract the spiciness.

Lemon Ginger Cooler (Php80.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeIn between bites, sip some of this amazingly wonderful drink to wash down the spices and flavors in your mouth. Light, refreshing and actually makes for a good breath freshener, too!

For dessert we had Kulfi and Gulab Jamon.

Kulfi (Php50.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeThis Indian ice cream flavored with saffron and pistachio is what one would consider to be a brushed up version of a typical dirty ice cream that is a popular treat amongst Pinoys. The grainy pistachio gives the Kukfi amazing character and texture. It is also a nice palate cleanser to wash off the flavors left in your mouth.

Gulab Jamon (Php40.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeSoft but firm fried dough balls soaked in saffron syrup. When you eat it, you’ll notice a slightly grainy texture similar to Yema balls. A nice dessert to cap off a great meal!

Hot Masala Chai (Php80.00)
OM Lifestyle + CafeCardamom with milk and cloves.

You know a meal is incredibly delicious when what was eaten is still being talked about and raved on hours after. My husband and I were still talking about how we enjoyed the Palak Paneer with Biryani Rice and the Kulfi even before dozing off at home.

Om doesn’t only serve amazing Indian dishes, they also are a quaint lifestyle boutique with items for your home, as well as clothing and accessories available for you to purchase.OM Lifestyle + Cafe

These items were all hand picked and personally flown from India by the owners.OM Lifestyle + CafeOM Lifestyle + Cafe

A multitude of colors and intricate designs are what best describes the typical Indian style. And, you will see a lot of that here at Om Lifestyle + Café.OM Lifestyle + Cafe

If you have an interest for some interior decorating or just have a knack for collecting beautiful tea sets and Pashminas, then head on over to Om. This place will not only satisfy your craving for some Biryani and Paneer, but will most definitely delight the shopaholic in everyone.OM Lifestyle + Cafe

Comfy and homey. Om is a beautiful place that showcases Indian cooking at its best.

Contact Details
2/F Fox Square Bldg.
#53 Connecticut St., North East Greenhills, San Juan
T: 705-7072 / 631-6983
C: 0917-5067288
E: [email protected]
Store Hours:
Mondays – Saturdays
11am – 8pm
Visitors can be accomodated outside of store hours by appointment.
Twitter: @OMLifeStyleCafe
Instagram: omlifestyleandcafe


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