When in Selangor… Eat! Eat! Eat! (Part 3)

Discovering one’s place is never complete without trying out the food. And what better way to experience this than eating these Malaysian dishes where it actually originated from.

Selangor, Malaysia is like where I came from, the Philippines. Multi and lavish culture, wonderful people and amazing food!

During my short stay in Selangor, I have happily discovered where to eat with the help of our tour guide, Daniel. He brought the entire group to various restaurants that serve really delicious Malay dishes.

So, what am I really looking for that will satisfy my hunger and satiation?

1. Authentic and delicious food.
2. Affordable and friendly on the wallet.

Here are a few restaurants that made me want to go back to Selangor just to eat these dishes again.

JM Bariani at Shah Alam
When in Selangor Malaysia - JM Bariani

JM 3 Layer Tea
When in Selangor Malaysia - JM Bariani
This cold concoction with 3 kinds of tea and black sugar is deliciously smooth. Don’t forget to give it a little stir to mix all the flavors together and to fully enjoy the goodness of this drink.

Nasi Bariani Gam Ayam
When in Selangor Malaysia - JM Bariani
You can choose from a selection of mutton, beef or chicken. I opted for the latter. This dish is cooked in different spices giving massive flavors in one dish! The spices really permeated in the meat and the thick and rich sauce was perfect with the Bariani rice. The rice was cooked beautifully making the dish even more delicious. Close your eyes and just savor the spices. Mmmm…. I can still taste it up to now.

Contact Details
Tesco Setia Alam
Lot G, Tesco Store,
No 2, Jalan Setia Prima SU13/S,
Seksyen U13, Bandar Setia Alam,
40170 ShH Alam, Selangor
T: 03 33434599

Hot Pindang Kitchen
When in Selangor Malaysia - Hot Pindang Kitchen
Their food reminds me of homecooked meals. Simple yet very comforting.

Hot Pindang Fish
When in Selangor Malaysia - Hot Pindang Kitchen
This is their version of our Fish Sinigang. It has lemongrass, tomato and tamarind – sour with a slight zing. Eat it while still hot!

Udang Sambal Petai (Sweet and Sour Prawn)
When in Selangor Malaysia - Hot Pindang Kitchen
The prawns were not overcooked and had just the right prawn-to-sauce ratio. I like that the onions were cut in medium size to add character to the dish visually. A perfect partner to their Hot Pindang Fish.

Salted Fish
When in Selangor Malaysia - Hot Pindang Kitchen
Small piece of dried fish that isn’t too salty and really goes well with the steamed rice and the Hot Pindang soup. But to totally enjoy it, try getting a small amount of the Sambal that comes with it. Amazing flavors coming from simple dishes combined.

When in Selangor Malaysia - Hot Pindang Kitchen
This is like bagoong (shrimp paste) in the Philippines but not as thick yet really spicy! I can handle a good amount of spice but this one really kick’s ass! You will definitely ask for more rice (or water).

Mango and Pineapple Juice to chug it all down.
When in Selangor Malaysia - Hot Pindang Kitchen

Contact Details
No.13, Jalan Cheong Sam, Seksyen 10,
40000 Shah Alam, Malaysia
T: 03-55231259 / 016-2624773
E: [email protected]
Facebook: facebook.com/hotpindang

River View Seafood Restaurant
When in Selangor Malaysia - River View Seafood Restaurant

From the name itself, it overlooks the river and has a good view of it. Don’t worry, the river is not stinky at all.
When in Selangor Malaysia - River View Seafood Restaurant

Other side of the restaurant.
When in Selangor Malaysia - River View Seafood Restaurant

The place is not air-conditioned but the area is rather cool. They have an array of dishes for you to choose from. But this is what stood out and what I really enjoyed eating – their version of the Tom Yam Soup.

Served really hot with Sea Bass, coriander, tofu cubes, garlic slices, onion, lime wedges and chili. A little blast of citrus and heat with the right balance of sweetness. Every bit of ingredient was cooked properly and the flavors were evenly distributed. Wonderfully comforting after a tiring day!

Contact Details
1Jalan Besar,Pasir Penambang,
45000,Kuala Selangor,
Selangor D.E.
T: +603 3289 2238 ,
F: +603 3289 6369,
E: [email protected]

Homestay KG Sungai Sireh

Nasi Ambeng is a popular cuisine in Malaysia especially in Selangor and is usually served during festivities. This was served to us during our last day at Homestay KG Sungai Sireh. It is similar to our very own Pinoy-style boodle where the entire spread is eaten as a group.
When in Selangor Malaysia - Homestay KG Sungai Sireh - Nasi Ambeng
Nasi Ambeng consists of chicken cooked in curry (or soy sauce to some) with spices, noodles on top of white rice and some kropek on the side. First, the aroma will tickle your olfactories, then the zing will wake up your tastebuds. Nasi Ambeng has a taste of Malaysia, China and India – an amazing festival of flavors.

Contact Details
Jln A/P 23, Kg. Amoangan,
45500 Tanjong Karang,
Selangor, Malaysia
T: +603 3269 2400
E: [email protected]

Selangor is a gem! Whether you are in for some adventure or just to relax, Selangor has endless possibilities… So many things to do and see because truly, “Selangor has more”!

Thank you AirAsia and Tourism Selangor for this one of a kind tour!

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