Staying fit and fab at Sofitel Manila’s So Fit, Vietura and Le Spa! (Part 4)

Sofitel ManilaSofitel Philippine Plaza Manila isn’t just about the magnificent view of Manila Bay.

Or well-appointed rooms.Sofitel Manila

Or mouthwatering dishes.Sofitel Manila

At Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, you can seek the best of health and wellness programs and treatments through So Fit, Vietura and Le Spa. All these in the comforts of Sofitel Manila!

My husband and I were just lucky to be able to try out what Sofitel has to offer. Being hands-on parents to our 2 kids plus our little teacup Pomeranian, Max, we both need time to destress and have ourselves pampered once in a while. I also need to look good (and smell good) for the hubby all the time! Right, Chuckie? After all, you are the one who convinced me to work my ass off at the gym 3 times a week, the same way I’m the reason why you started having facials at least once a month! Lol.

So, let’s get to it!

SO FIT!Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Yup, we never let any work-out opportunity pass even when we’re on vacation! With all the eating with a little drinking going on during our staycation.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaWe woke up at 6:30AM to work-out at So Fit. This is actually the best time to hit the gym since the facility opens at 6AM. The place was still empty when we arrived. Great!

Located on the 2nd level of Le Spa, So Fit has practiclly everything you will need with fitness experts to ready assist you.

They have Life Fitness Cardio Machines and state of the art training equipment.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Free WeightsSofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Even towels and cold water are available.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

But what I like most and really enjoyed using is the “Kinesis”.
Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaSofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaThese machines have a separate area where you can work-out on your own but private instruction may also be arranged.

And while working out, you get a beautiful view of the bay especially in the early morning or during sunset.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Here’s a video of us taking turns using the Kinesis Machine.

So Fit also offers yoga and pilates classes by the way.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Membership packages are available to meet your requirement.

So Fit is located at the 2nd Floor of Le Spa and is open daily from 6AM to 12MN.

VIETURASofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

One’s wellness and rejuvenation are Vietura’s mission.

So, what does Vietura provide?
• non-invasive treatments
• nutritional counselling
• cosmetic dentistry
• life coaching

What are the services they offer?
• Skin Intensive Treatments
• Acne Treatment and Acne Scars
• Skin Pigmentation and Whitening Treatments
• Vietura Natural Face Lift and Contour
• Skin Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging Therapy
• Eyebag Treatment
• Hair Revitalization Therapy
• Laser Hair Removal
• Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Treatments
• Weight Management
• Body Whitening and Smoothening Treatments
• Stretch Marks
• Cellulite Treatments
• Varicose Veins
• Skin Health
• Holistic Balance
• Dental

Sure, other aesthetic clinics offer almost the same services (if not all). But where Vietura differs from others (and makes them pleasantly unique) is in the establishment’s ambiance, quality of service and state of the art machines. Wow! Whatever treatment you avail of, you can be sure that Vietura’s service well worth your hard-earned buck!Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Upon entering Vietura, you can immediately feel that you are one with nature.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaPhoto courtesy of Chuckie.

The place is surrounded with vertical gardens that not only make the place aesthetically beautiful, but also to provide fresh oxygen into each room.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Waiting room with ambient music.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Welcome tea.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Information Sheet before the treatment.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

This was the room where I had my treatment. It doesn’t feel like I am in a clinic. The vertical gardens in each room gives guests a more relaxed ambiance.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

The treatments we had were all non-surgical. The husband had Resolift for the face and Ultralipo for the tummy area. While I had Resolift for both the face and tummy. Resolift on the face is for contouring while when done on the tummy area, it provides tightening. I was supposed to have Ultralipo as well – to breakdown the fats. But because my “monthly” visitor was currently… ummm… “visiting”, they changed it to Resolift instead. So, it was just the husband who was able to try the Ultralipo treatment. *sigh* Maybe next time.

For this particular procedure, the patient must remove all jewelry and any metal object including brassiere with under wire. In case you have metal implants, you must inform the attendant or the doctor to avoid complications.

It was absolutely wonderful! I was rejuvenated! I felt younger, sexier, prettier and well… amazingly beautiful! Haha!

I wouldn’t mind going back again!

Oh, and did you know, Vietura has a secret exit if you don’t want others to see how you look after your treatment?Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaThis hallway will lead you straight out of the facility! Great idea, Vietura! You really know how to deal with all your patients’ concerns even before we realize what we need. Good job!

Vietura is located at the Plaza Level with a separate entrance from the south parking. Open from 9AM TO 10PM Mondays to Saturdays and 9AM to 7PM on Sundays.

LE SPASofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Our couples spa session at Le Spa was scheduled during our 2nd night at Jardin D’Eden. Have you already been to this part of Sofitel Manila before? If you haven’t yet, read on!

After changing to our slippers, we were led upstairs to our private spa room – Jardin D’Eden.

The entry way was decorated with purple petals and candles for a very romantic feel.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Even the tub had petals.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

And this is what Jardin D’Eden looks like.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaPhoto courtesy of Chuckie.

The door on your right opens to your own private veranda. When I opened the door, it immediately took my breath away!Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le SpaThe private veranda had a stunning view of the lagoon-shaped pool and the breathtaking view of the sunset by Manila Bay! (Photo courtesy of Chuckie.)

It was picturesque and such a romantic spot!Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

After enjoying the breeze and view, my husband went inside to experience the steam room…Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

…while I use the tub.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

After about an hour after our pre-spa rituals, our friendly therapists came in to start the actual massage.

Our treatment was called “slimming massage + rejuvenating massage with Thèmae Facial Glow”. This session lasted for an hour. It definitely relieved me from all the stress brought about by a whole week of tiresome events and from being a full time homemaker.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

The ambient music and the scent of the entire room added to that relaxing atmosphere. It was exactly what I needed.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

Jardin D’Eden has its own shower stall and toilet, too.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

You also have your own cabinet with electronic safe for your valuables.Sofitel Manila So Fit Vietura Le Spa

What short time we had at Le Spa was undoubtedly fantastic and memorable! My husband and I had the time of our lives! You should try it, too!

Le Spa is located at the Plaza Level and opens from 8AM to 12MN daily. Last treatment service is at 11PM.

Only at Sofitel Manila can you get that much sought after luxury resort ambiance that you and the entire family will enjoy. Recreation, wellness and the promise of amazing and unforgettable memories. The highest kind of customer satisfaction is what Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila aims and strives to achieve. And that is exactly what my family and I experienced… A magnifique staycation that is hard to beat!Sofitel Manila

It goes without saying that Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is worth recommending and telling friends and family about.

But if you must really ask… Oui! Sans aucun doute!

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