Sofitel Manila’s amenities and facilities (Part 2)

Since the time Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila (formerly Westin Philippine Plaza) opened in 1976 (the year I was born), from the changing of our Presidents up until now, Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila has stood the test of time. Modern and high-rise hotels may have been mushrooming here and there, but Sofitel’s classic structure and exquisite resort setting is what makes this hotel attractive and worth staying at.Sofitel Manila

It seems as if you are transported to a different country – the likes of Mexico or the Bahamas.

Sofitel Manila is a reinvention of antique and modern combined using local decor like capiz shells and coconut inlay that were meticulously designed with a touch of moderninity through accents.

Just elegant and luxurious in every way.Sofitel Manila

Sofitel Manila

This iconic hotel has always been the preference of many famous international and local celebrities, personalities, even royalties and heads of state as well.

Whether you are staying inside the hotel or outside, you constantly get that amazing resort-feel.

The magnificent view of Manila Bay.Sofitel Manila
Photo courtesy of Chuckie Dreyfus.

With recreational facilities that both the young once and young ones alike can enjoy.

Look at this beautiful lagoon shaped swimming pool that Sofitel Manila is famous for. Take a dip or just lounge by the pool and bask in the sun. Either way, you’re sure to enjoy every moment!Sofitel ManilaJust beautiful!

20140522-005358-3238448.jpgPlease be reminded that this slide is not for kids below 12years old.

At night.Sofitel Manila
Photo courtesy of Chuckie Dreyfus.

Poolside Bar.Sofitel Manila
Perfect spot to unwind and destress.

In case you forget to bring your swimming gear for the little ones, don’t fret! They have available items for sale!Sofitel Manila

18-hole Putting GreenSofitel ManilaHusband and kids playing while enjoying the cool breeze and a beautiful scenery while I take pictures!

After a few rounds, we toured around the deck to see what other activities are being offered.

Tennis CourtSofitel Manila

Soccer FieldSofitel Manila

Jogging TrailsSofitel Manila
Photo courtesy of Chuckie Dreyfus.

Kids Outdoor Playground (near the pool)Sofitel Manila

La Villa des Infants (Kid’s Tent)Sofitel Manila

Sofitel ManilaYour child can have fun doing various arts and crafts activities here.

GymboreeSofitel ManilaKids below 5 years old can enter and explore around.

For your spur of the moment shopping, there is La Boutique and Signatures located at the Lobby level.

La Boutique is a gift shop with an assortment of items from toiletries to newspapers and even gift items and souvenirs.Sofitel Manila

While for the bagaholics, the Signatures shop will definitely make you drool! There are LVs, Balenciagas and Hermes to name a few.Sofitel Manila

There is even a salon and a flower shop at the Plaza Level and an outdoor basketball court located at the south parking area which can be used. My husband and son was supposed to play but it was booked for a league.

Or just simply relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the bay!Sofitel Manila

Sofitel Manila is your private sanctuary and a perfect place for an escape from urban life even if it is just within the metro.Sofitel ManilaPhoto courtesy of Chuckie Dreyfus.

At Sofitel Manila, the safety and security of their guests and staff are first priority and I totally agree! My husband was on top of this sea wall taking panoramic shots of Manila Bay when the security personnel approached him and asked him to go down. The security personnel did not leave until my husband stepped down. Good job!Sofitel ManilaPhoto courtesy of Chuckie Dreyfus.

Also, my husband didn’t feel too good during the last day of our stay so I had to call the Medical Clinic. Good thing there was a “Medical Emergency” button on the phone. I didn’t have to go through the operator anymore.Sofitel Manila

I relayed to the nurse (over the phone) what my husband was feeling. In no time, the nurse was at our doorstep with the medicine I requested.Sofitel Manila

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila is a one-stop shop and THE go-to hotel for that much needed break from the hustle and bustle of life without going too far. And everything is picture worthy and Instagram-able! What else can you ask for?Sofitel Manila

Anyway, I am sure you are waiting for my feature on Sofitel Manila’s delectable dishes from their bars and restaurants. That’s next! So, click here to read.

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