Norway’s Chef Markus Dybwad at I’m Angus Steakhouse

Let me take you to another culinary adventure as Norway meets Manila! Chef Markus Dybwad will showcase the best of Norwegian Gastronomic Delights at I’m Angus Steakhouse from May 20-29, 2014.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus Steakhouse

During our lunch at I’m Angus Steakhouse, we were served an elegant 6-Course tasting menu comprised of imported ingredients all the way from Norway incorporated with some of our very own local items such as pomelo and muscovado.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus Steakhouse

We started with Royale of Norwegian Blue Mussels.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseThe mussel has a clean flavor with a subtle pop of brine from the roe making it more indulgent to eat. Topped with cucumber, pickled onion and seaweed, it made this simple dish very colorful and equally wonderful to eat! A beautiful appetizer, I must say.

For our soup, we had Fennel Gazpacho with Ceviche of Sterling Halibut.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseWhen it comes to Halibut, I like it plain and simple. Either baked or steamed with olive oil, lemon, a little salt and pepper, it will most certainly do the trick. But Chef Markus’ cold soup with that light citrus flavor was very pleasing and refreshing to the palate – very apt for the extremely hot weather. I actually enjoyed eating this a lot.

Meanwhile, the server filled my glass with Boschendal 1685 Sauvignon Blanc 2013.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseA dry light-bodied white wine with hints of lime and the aroma of tropical fruits.

A King Crab from Varanger, Norway was also served. According to Chef Markus, this type of crab was originally from Russia but is now available in the Norway coast.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseThe crab meat was very tasty, juicy and very filling even if I just had a small piece of it. The pomelo, mayonnaise and basil that came with it made it that much more flavorful. A fantastic dish with a beautiful plating!

Roasted Langoustine with Leeks and GruyereNorway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseThis slim, orange-pink lobster also known as Norway lobster has a wonderful sweet taste that complimented well with the other ingredients used by Chef Markus. The smokey flavor from the roasting gave this dish a deliciously subtle flavor but still retaining the taste of the langoustine. Not to mention aromatic, too. The Chateau Bonnet Blanc 2012 was the perfect accompaniment to it.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseThis dry medium-bodied white wine had a hint of herb and lime giving off a pleasantly refreshing burst.

BrillNorway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseThis type of fish may have a flat taste but the anchovy cream, sauce vierge made up of olive oil, tomatoes with lemon juice and the tangy flavor from the cress helped this dish shine. Simple, light and clean.

For our dessert which ended our exquisite degustation, we had Cloudberries from High Altitude Marches. It was my first time to taste cloudberries, actually. It is similar to raspberries but with a unique amber color.Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus SteakhouseCloudberries are naturally sour with a bit of tanginess combined with some white chocolates, spiced cream and muscovado gave this dessert a whopping 100 on my scorecard! This particular dessert is something you would want to eat again and again. It also makes for a great and refreshing afternoon snack.

Cloudberries are expensive because:
1. It is difficult to find and hard to get.
2. Cloudberries are not commercially grown.
3. There are regional rules of picking cloudberries in Norway.
4. It plays an important part in the Norwegian economy.

Some of the ingredients used by Chef Markus were quite unusual for me but I was really blown away by how he prepared each dish and with how all these flavors blended wonderfully together. The young chef from Baerum, Norway puts food on the plate with finesse. Chef Markus started his career from being a personal chef to being the current Sous Chef at The Fat Duck in Berkshire, UK.

We may have been served small portions of each dish for lunch but in the end I was surprisingly (and delightfully) full.

Here are the Set Menus prepared by Chef Markus Dybwad:Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus Steakhouse

Below is the promotion schedule for your reference:Norway Chef Markus Dybwad I'm Angus Steakhouse

Don’t miss this chance to have a taste of Norway in Manila! Book your seats now… call the number below or shoot them an e-mail!

Chef Markus Peter Dybwad will also be at the Norway’s Constitution Day at The Peninsula Manila on May 17.

This event is made possible by Philippines Norway Business Council (PNBC) headed by Capt. Ivar Thomasli, the Royal Norwegian Embassy and Werdenberg also known as Santis Delicatessen.

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