Have your Sunday Buffet at Magosaburo

Sunday is family day and every Sunday we always look for restaurants where our family can dine at after mass – whether just around my neck of the woods or somewhere considerably distant as long as they have good food.

Just recently, I learned that Magosaburo already offers Sunday Buffet from 11AM to 4PM apart from their A la Carte menu.Magosaburo Sunday Buffet

Magosaburo has been a favorite Japanese restaurant of my family not because the owner has been a good friend but simply because we love their food, the presentation of each dish, ambiance, ample parking in the area and, of course, the impeccable service they provide.

For Magosaburo’s Sunday Brunch Buffet, you get to choose (1) main dish with unlimited hot/cold appetizers, soup, rice, dessert and drinks.

During our lunch, my husband, son and daughter ordered their Wagyu Steak with Garlic Sauce while I opted to go for my favorite, Tomato Sukiyaki!
Magosaburo Sunday BuffetThe wagyu steak was really soft with beautiful marbling. It had garlic chips on top and side veggies served on a lava stone to keep it hot and retain its flavor.

Magosaburo Sunday BuffetMagosaburo’s Tomato Sukiyaki has been my favorite dish in Magosaburo apart from their Lava Stone Japanese Wagyu Sirloin Steak. The tomato neutralizes the sweetness and the salty flavors. The dish is served with whisked egg on the side. Can be served cooked already or you can request for it to be cooked infront of you just like what I usually do.

I feasted on the unlimited appetizers which included Deep Fried Prawn with Mayo Sauce.Magosaburo Sunday BuffetThis was so delicious that up until now I can still taste its wonderful flavor! Crispy, sweet and tangy from the mayo sauce which tasted wonderful together.

Cream Cheese TofuMagosaburo Sunday BuffetThis is your perfect side dish to remove any cloying taste you get from other appetizers (if any). Silky and so much fun to eat especially if you had too much of Kimchi.

KimchiMagosaburo Sunday BuffetI’ve always loved Magosaburo’s Kimchi ever since I first tried it on their a la carte menu. This dish is freshly made hence the crispyness of the long cabbage, cucumber and radish. But I like the radish more because of its pungent taste with a bit of heat just enough to excite your palate.

3 Kinds of Assorted Sushi: Squid, Salmon and TunaMagosaburo Sunday BuffetI can never get enough of these fresh assorted Sushi.

If you want something heavy to partner with your rice, this Potato & Beef Stew and Deep Fried Fish in Sweet Sour Sauce will satisfy that fix.Magosaburo Sunday Buffet
Magosaburo Sunday Buffet

Choices of soup.Magosaburo Sunday Buffet

But don’t overwhelm yourself with too much appetizers. You might regret not leaving enough room for the unlimited desserts!

I personally liked the Earl Grey Creme Brulee! This Creme Brulee infused with Earl Grey tea gives off a nice fragrance and a wonderfully flavorful twist. It has an interesting flavor combination with the cream and the beautifully caramelized (very thin) sugar layer on top. Oh, heaven on my ramekin!Magosaburo Sunday Buffet

You can also indulge on the Matcha Roll Cake and the Flourless Chocolate Cake.Magosaburo Sunday BuffetMagosaburo Sunday Buffet

Adult: Php980++
Kids: Php500++

For wine lovers and enthusiasts, they also have an Enomatic Wine Buffet at Php900++. Choose from an array of wines to partner your dish with.Magosaburo Sunday BuffetMagosaburo Sunday Buffet

For your night cap, visit Mago Wine Lounge where you can dance and sing the night away while enjoying your favorite drinks. You can pass through either the separate entrance behind Magosaburo or via the main restaurant.Magosaburo Sunday Buffet

Enjoy great food, good wine with amazing company at Magosaburo!Magosaburo Sunday Buffet

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Fort Pointe 2 (The Fort Strip), Global City, Taguig (underneath URBN Bar)
T: 856-1808 / 856-0795
E: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/magosaburoph
Twitter: @MagosaburoPH
Instagram: @magosaburoph / @magowinelounge


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