Gastronomical greats at The Bellevue Manila!

The Bellevue Manila isn’t only about relaxing. They are also about great gastronomical experiences.

The Bellevue Manila also has wonderful restaurants that will fill your tummies with great food. They have a variety of places for whatever tickles your palate – Cafe d’ Asié for all-day buffet, Phoenix Court for that authentic Chinese cuisine and Vue Bar for your night cap.

During our staycation at The Bellevue Manila with my husband and our foodie fambam, we were treated to an unlimited Dimsum dinner during our first night at Phoenix Court!The Bellevue Manila Phoenix Court

If you’ve been following me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll know that I love Chinese food but I am quite deprived of it haha! Well, let me put it this way… My husband isn’t too fond of Chinese food. That’s the reason why we seldom eat at Chinese restos. Imagine how ecstatic I was eating these Chinese dishes at Phoenix Court? I guess it’s the Chinese in me. It doesn’t show in my physical appearance (I look more Persian, actually) but my mom is part Chinese. That perhaps explains my love for Chinese cuisine I guess.

Phoenix Court is located at the 2nd Floor of The Bellevue Manila’s Tower Wing. It’s very spacious, well-lit with top to floor glass windows and arguably the best Chinese restaurant in the south!

For our “unlimited dinner” night, I pigged out on just 3 items that I really enjoyed eating!

Crystal Prawns Dumpling HakaoThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtPhoenix Court’s Hakao was a winner because of the huge shrimps! The wanton wrapper was soft but firm so it doesn’t easily break. I had several orders of it!

Shrimps Wonton Noodle SoupThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieI love soup especially when it’s piping hot! The soup was very flavorful and the noodles were al dente. My only concern, they serve it in a small bowl. So, you tend to order a lot before you get full. Such a wonderful comfort food and your perfect partner on a rainy night.

BBQ Pork Bun SiopaoThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtA dish need not be fancy to satisfy one’s palate. These small buns were very filling and satisfying! It’s sweet but not “overly sweet” with perfectly seasoned pork. It had a savory blend of flavors.

Phoenix Tropical SmoothieThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtThis drink is quite sweet with a slightly citrusy taste (coming from the lime… or was it the mango) at the same time giving off just the right amount of acidity. It had green tea, too! An amazing refreshing drink for the hot summer months!

For lunch on our last day, we were served the Chef’s Specials consisting of (but not limited to) the dishes below. The dishes I am featuring are the ones I enjoyed eating.

Peking DuckThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtOf course this tops my list because I love Peking Duck and will not pass up on this! I like the ratio of the hoisin sauce, cucumber, green onion and the duck.

Sweet and Sour PorkThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtThis dish’s sweetness usually overpowers the sourness. But Phoenix Court’s version of Sweet and Sour Pork was well balanced. The pork was sliced into bite sizes just enough to pop in your mouth in one go. There’s still a little crunch from deep frying.

Spinach Bean CurdThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtThe combination of spinach and bean curd is delightfully pleasant. The softness from the bean curd and the crunch from the fried enoki mushrooms complimented each other very well. The crunch from the enoki gave this dish added character.

Chilled Coconut PuddingThe Bellevue Manila Phoenix CourtWhoever came up with this dish is a genius! The pudding was inside the coconut mixed with the coconut meat. Soft with just the right sweetness. Awesome!

Phoenix Court is at the 2/F of The Bellevue Manila’s Tower Wing.
Operating Hours: Tuesday to Thursday – 11AM-2:30PM and 6PM-10PM / Friday to Sunday – 11AM-2:30PM and 6PM-10:30PM

Cafe d’Asie
We were supposed to have breakfast at The Signature Club but for some reason, I think I did not get the memo and we ended up eating at Cafe d’ Asie for breakfast. No wonder, I did not see any of our foodie friends during breakfast. Sorry, Jane ( for the boo-boo! 😉The Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie

For breakfast, either at home or wherever else I may be… whenever corn flakes are available, it’ll always be my go-to morning meal. I am a diehard fan of corn flakes!The Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie

Cafe d’ Asie has a variety of offerings on their wonderful breakfast spread but these were the dishes that I picked…

My day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of freshly brewed coffee.The Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie

BaconThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieThis bacon is absolutely “to die for”! Back in the day, when I was still with my last hotel company, I could swear that our hotel’s bacon was the best… not only because it really tasted good, but also because it is baked. It has a distinctly different crunch when bacon is baked instead of fried. Cafe d’ Asie’s bacon is similar to that because they also bake it. But what makes it uniquely different and delectable is their bacon’s slight sweetness. Probably the honey that they drizzled it with.

Couscous Salad with Salami Milano, Smoked Porkloin and Assorted CheeseThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie

After eating all the savory dishes, I just had to have a little dose of sweetness. I had Ensaymada to end my breakfast.The Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie

Lunch was served at Cafe d’ Asie on our 2nd day. As always, a beautiful spread was waiting for us.

Caesar SaladThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieI started with this before anything else. The Caesar Salad is prepared fresh for you upon request at the Salad Station.

Mongolian StationThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieI am a fan of Mongolian food and I think I have already mastered the combinations of what ingredients and sauce go well together. I skipped on the rice and added a little amount of noodles. Opted not to overeat as I was still eyeing on…

Angus Prime Rib in Au JusThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieI always request my steak to be cooked “well-done” because I don’t want to see and taste blood on my steak. Eventually I learned to appreciate beef cooked “medium well” (props to my husband!). Cafe d’ Asie’s Angus Prime Rib was flavorful and juicy! Perfect!

Indian StationThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie
Craving for some Indian food? They have it here! Not that extensive but it will most definitely satisfy your craving.

Maki StationThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieCutest and daintiest maki amongst all other makis I’ve seen!

Grilled ShrimpsThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' Asie

Dessert StationThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsiePositioned strategically at the center to immediately tempt you! These colorful and tempting sweets have an assortment of sampler cakes and Panna Cotta.

Avocado with AlmondsThe Bellevue Manila Cafe d' AsieCouldn’t decide on what to top my gelato with. I went with almonds and it was not a great combination! But I enjoyed the avocado gelato, though.

Lunch Buffet: Php1,390.00 nett
Kids 6-12 years old: Php695.00 nett
Kids below 5 years old: FREE

Cafe d’Asie is located at the 2/F of The Bellevue Manila’s Main Wing

We also had a BBQ Buffet at the Poolside Tower. It was actually the first time for The Bellevue Manila to hold a dinner in that manner and in that kind of setting.The Bellevue Manila Poolside Tower

Delectable meats and seafood were served together with an assortment of sidings, salad and dessert.The Bellevue Manila Poolside TowerThe Bellevue Manila Poolside TowerThe Bellevue Manila Poolside Tower

3rd Floor of The Bellevue Manila’s Tower Wing.

But if you want to unwind after a long day at work or just simply capping off the week, Vue Bar is the perfect place to hang at! Enjoy the magnificent view of the Alabang Skyline while sipping your favorite cocktail drink while listening to the performing band of the evening.The Bellevue Manila Vue BarThe Bellevue Manila Vue Bar

This was also where we watched the Pacquiao-Bradley fight packaged with a brunch buffet and an unlimited serving of popcorn and prawn crackers! Thank you to the gracious Ryan Chua and Jane go for their generosity!The Bellevue Manila Vue BarThe Bellevue Manila Vue BarThe Bellevue Manila Vue Bar

The Vue Bar is located at the 22nd/F of The Bellevue Manila’s Tower Wing.

So, what else are you looking for? Alabang now has so many options to choose from. No need to look further because everything’s all here!

Truly, The Bellevue Manila is where luxury meets home!

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