Healthier living with Rico Corn Rice

Rico Corn Rice NuffnangRice is our staple in every meal. Filipinos are huge rice eaters and one reason perhaps could be because our rich Pinoy dishes go perfectly well with steamed or garlic rice. Actually, I think this is the only country I know of with people who eat Pansit (noodles) with rice!

Recently, I was able to attend the product launch of Rico Corn Rice held at Claw Daddy – BGC. The event had a fun family theme which had a yellow and green motif. So, everyone who attended were pretty much wearing something yellow or green.Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang

Chuckie and me outside Claw Daddy. Thank you Arianne for this photo!

Since it was a family event, there were arts and crafts activities as well as face painting stations for the young ones and “young once” alike.Rico Corn Rice NuffnangRico Corn Rice NuffnangIt was enough to get the kids hungry and look forward to eating Rico Corn Rice.

Just to give you a brief background, Rico is not the name of the owner. “RI” stands for rice and “CO” for corn.

Rico corn rice is made from 100% natural Philippine-grown corn – an absolute breakthrough!Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang

First time to see yellow grain!

Rico Corn Rice is infact packed with vitamins and essential nutrients that the human body needs. It does not contain artificial coloring and has no cholesterol whatsoever.

Here are the benefits of eating Rico Corn Rice and why it is more superior compared to regular rice:

1. From natural, vitamin-enriched corn that has a lower glycemic index. It is safe for diabetics and prediabetics.

2. Contains the natural antioxidants beta-carotene and lutein from corn that helps support good eyesight.

3. It has Vitamin B Complex, iron and is high in fiber.

4. Is Aflatoxin safe!

During the launch we were able to sample 2 dishes using Rico Corn Rice:

Rico Corn Paella
Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang
Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang

Garlic Walnut Parsley Rico Corn Rice
Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang
Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang

Both Rico Corn Rice dishes had an al dente texture and were delicious. Actually, there is no taste difference when compared to regular white rice. What I did notice, though, is that Rico Corn Rice was significantly more filling. I actually wasn’t able to finish the entire serving on my plate! If you’re on a diet or if you are diabetic, Rico Corn Rice is definitely for you. Apart from its low glycemic index, it will actually lessen your carb intake. Imagine… after 2 hours of eating, I was still full!

For dessert, we were given Sweetened Rico Corn Rice with Mango Strips.Rico Corn Rice NuffnangI was kinda weirded out with this concoction at first. I like the milk and mango combination. But with Rico Corn Rice… I was a tad hesitant! But after trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised. 😉

I still couldn’t imagine how corn can be rice?Rico Corn Rice Nuffnang

Hooray for Rico Corn Rice! Now we have a better carb alternative!

Here is how to cook Rico Corn Rice:
Boil the suggested amount of water based on the amount of Rico you wish to cook. You can use a rice cooker or caldero.
Pour the desired amount of Rico. NO NEED TO WASH!
Simmer until you achieve the preferred corn rice stickiness and moistness. This takes about 10-15 minutes.

Suggested ratio of Rico to water using a regular rice cooker cup:
1 – 1 1/4
2 – 2 1/3
3 – 3 1/4
4 – 4 1/2
5 – 5 1/4
6 – 6
Adjust water proportion to suit desired Rico Corn Rice consistency. If Rico is washed, the amount of water used must be reduced.

For recipes using Rico Corn Rice, check here:

1kg = Php70.00
3kg = Php125.00
5kg = Php300.00

You can buy Rico Corn Rice at the following establishments:
Pioneer Supermarket
Sta. Lucia
It will soon be available at all leading supermarkets.

Lately, we’ve been eating Rico Corn Rice and here is my simple lunch yesterday.

Crunchy Liempo with liver sauce on top of Rico Corn Rice with sauteed veggies


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  1. Sabs Hernandez-Dy Liacco says: Reply

    Hi! I have been so curious with this! Is this low-carb though? I am on a low-carb diet and have been looking for good rice substitutes 🙂 I am on Quinoa, but this one looks more delish! Hope you can fill me in with some deets 🙂 Thank you! Post is very informative!

  2. Hi Sabs, it is not low-carb, but because of the low glycemic index, you can be full just by eating a small amount of it. Also, it will keep you full for longer so you can reduce the mid-afternoon cravings! For me, it's definitely yummier than quinoa, and cheaper too. 🙂

  3. Is this healthier than whole wheat rice?

  4. absolutely healthier than regular rice..i must try this

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