Bulgogi Brothers: 7 New Korean Classics

When it comes to Korean food, Kimchi is my favorite. An appetizer that I can’t stop eating once I start. I either eat it as is or partner it with a main dish. Me and my family rarely eat at Korean restaurants, but when we do, it must serve quality and delicious Korean dishes. And one Korean restaurant that does not disappoint is Bulgogi Brothers. Being in the business for quite some time now, they do know how to please their customers by serving authentic Korean fare.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

A few weeks ago, I was able to try Bulgogi Brothers’ 7 New Korean Classics with my foodie warriors.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

The scent of delicious food cooking inside Bulgogi Brothers at their Greenbelt 5 branch made me really hungry! Each table has individual fryers so you can cook the dishes by yourself or ask a staff to do it for you.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

Here are Bulgogi Brothers’ 7 New Korean Classics that I know you will definitely enjoy eating.

For starters, we had complimentary corn and quail eggs plus 4 small dishes or Banchan.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsBulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsKangkong, sweet potatoes, anchovies and kimchi which I believe I had several rounds of.

Spicy Rice Cakes (Php125.00)Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsThe spicyness doesn’t overwhelm but you know it’s there! So, for those who have low tolerance in spicy food, be forewarned that this dish has some kick! But since I love eating anything that’s spicy, I really enjoyed the rice cakes! It has a chewy texture though.

Crisp Chicken Wings (Php350.00)Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsThe flavors are there – the right amount of sweetness, a little bit of saltiness and the slight heat that makes this dish addicting! I actually ate this in tandem with the Ginseng Chicken Soup.

Ginseng Chicken Soup with Prunes (Php395.00)Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsI normally veer away from dishes with ginseng because I am not fond of it. Ginseng usually tastes woody and a bit bitter. But I was surprised when I tried this. It tasted nothing like what I thought it would. It actually reminded me (well everyone of us) of Chicken Tinola… but better in a way. It had a very soothing taste and it was seasoned just right. The chicken was soft and can be pulled apart easily. The prunes added quite a nice twist on the entire dish. It goes perfectly well with the Crisp Chicken Wings. The soup tempers the heat when you’ve had too much of the wings.

Spicy Cold Noodles (Php225.00)Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsAt first, I was not impressed with the presentation but as they say, looks can be deceiving, because it tasted surprisingly great! This dish has quite a punch but the buckwheat noodles which has a nutty flavor and goes well with the lettuce, sprouts and hard boiled eggs lessens the heat a bit. Good thing Bulgogi Brothers’ air conditioning was turned all the way up. Otherwise, I might have ended up sweating from eating too much spicy food!

In between bites of spicy dishes, sip some Raspberry Mint Tea.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

T-Bone SteakBulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsIt may be thinly sliced but this melt-in-your mouth 250g T-Bone steak was seasoned just right that you can actually still taste the meat’s natural flavor.

Striploin and Boneless Short Ribs Combination Platter (Php995.00)Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsBulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsBulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsCombination of premium beef selections. It’s the kind of food platter that I wish would never end!

Look how beautiful these steaks are! Each piece was cooked just perfectly. No need to adjust the seasoning.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsBulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsBulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

And for that sweet ending, an assortment of Korean Ice Cream delights for dessert.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

After much thought, I finally decided to go for this Berrymix over my ever favorite Fish Ice Cream.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean ClassicsI’m glad I did! The raspberry swirls mixed with vanilla and chocolate are divine! Pure indulgence!

They also have a wide selection of wines.Bulgogi Brothers 7 New Korean Classics

To try out Bulgogi Brothers’ 7 New Korean Classics, head on over to a branch nearest you: Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center and SM Mall of Asia.

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