Step inside Mesclun Bistro at Eastwood Mall!

M Bistro by Mesclun Eastwood Mall
You might think that Mesclun Bistro Eastwood Mall only serves salad. Nope! They actually offer an array of wonderfully created dishes and desserts meticulously prepared and beautifully plated by no less than Chef Katrina Kuhn-Alcantara of Chuck’s Deli.

We started our dinner with this freshly made Baguette that tasted really heavenly which can only be eaten here. It has that perfect soft crunch and just the right amount of moistness inside.Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallSlather the entire herb butter on it and don’t feel guilty at all!

To tickle our palates, an appetizer of Spinach and 3 Mushrooms Empanaditas with tomato and cheesy dips were rolled out from the kitchen.Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallDon’t underestimate the cuteness of these empanaditas! It has one amazing flavor! Combine the tomato and cheese dips to offset the creaminess of the dish and also for that balanced flavor.

Buffalo Balls (Php315.00)
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallMade from chicken meatballs covered in buffalo sauce with bleu cheese dip. These punch-packing balls will really stimulate your appetite! Dip in bleu cheese to temper the spicyness or inform the staff of your preferred spiciness level and they will gladly adjust it.

Andre’s Poke (Php345.00)
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallIf you love eating raw dishes, you will love this! The tuna, soy-sesame dressing and sriracha mayonnaise were all put together perfectly! Put a blob of Andre’s Poke on the crostinis and eat away!

Flammekeuche Shrimp and Anchovies (Php295.00)Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallThis is not your usual tomato based pizza. Chef Katrina used crème fraîche or sour cream as the base topped with shrimps, anchovies, onions, arugula and garlic oil in a flatbread pizza. All of my favorite ingredients in one dish! Deliciously comforting.

Alsatian-style flatbread pizzas with homemade crème fraîche.

Sisig Spaghetti (Single: Php245.00 / Sharing: 365.00)
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallThis is one leveled-up sisig dish! Pork sisig, chicharon bits and cream sauce makes one helluva savory and creamy dish! I love that it had some kick to remove the cloying taste. Next time, I will request for a little more spice.

Clam Vodka (Single: Php395.00 / Sharing: 590.00)
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallUsing conchiglie pasta and Manila clams, this dish has a delicious aroma not to mention a great flavor combination courtesy of its vodka tomato cream sauce. You know they only use the freshest clams because of the clean taste. An enjoying pasta dish to eat!

Chimichurri Chicken (Single: Php345.00 / Sharing: 515.00)
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallRoasted boneless chicken in chimichurri sauce (similar to pesto) atop mashed potatoes with grana padano shavings. This Mesclun offering is a must-try! This Argentinean inspired dish is new to me… Flavorful and fragrant. I surprisingly liked it! You may also request for rice pilaf instead of mashed potatoes.

Wild Ulang Thermidor (Single: Php795.00 / Sharing: 1,190.00)
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallI can never resist any seafood dish moreso risotto! Mesclun’s Wild Ulang was prepared thermidor style. It was creamy and oh so good! The black ink seafood risotto was the Ulang’s perfect accompaniment.

And for the killer dish of the night… Crispy Pata Confit!
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallBrace yourselves for this… Crispy Pata slow cooked in duck fat and deep fried. Can you see how inviting the wonderfully rendered fat and crispy skin? Cholesterol-heaven! Yeah, I know… it’s crazy! Crazy good! Even the fried rice was cooked in fat! OMG!

For this Lenten Season, they have prepared some specials, too:
Tuyo Pasta with Kaffir Lime leaves
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallThis pasta dish is a good play on both Italian and Filipino cuisines.

Tomato Clam Stew
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood MallDunk the garlic bread and some of the cream cheese every time you eat.

We ended the amazing dinner with these heavenly Gelatos and Creme BruleeMesclun Bistro Eastwood MallGelatos in green tea, strawberry and chocolate hazelnut.

Mesclun Bistro is a very cool place with great food selections inspired from French, Italian, Continental and Asian cuisines.Mesclun Bistro Eastwood Mall
Cozy yet inviting.
Mesclun Bistro Eastwood Mall
Step inside, get comfortable and have at it!

Contact Details

G/F Eastwood Mall (beside Chuck’s Deli)
T: 900-0503
E: [email protected]


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