Lunch was served at Sofitel Manila’s SPIRAL!

Sofitel Manila Spiral
When you hear the word buffet, I am sure for those who know good food Spiral immediately comes to mind. It’s arguably the best buffet in the Metro! Even this iconic Spiral staircase is so grand and majestic that everyone who dines at Spiral never passes on the opportunity to have a selfie.Sofitel Manila Spiral

Spiral has 21 Dining Ateliers. Atleast 350 dishes (or more) from different parts of the world. If the dish is not available but the ingredients are, they can cook and customize it for you. Because personalized service is Spiral’s brand promise.

Before heading to the buffet area, I started with this delicious cucumber, apple and pineapple juice drink.Sofitel Manila Spiral

Olive Bread
Sofitel Manila SpiralIt’s crunchy and moist that goes well with butter.

Salad and Appetizer
The special feature of this section is their De-Light by Sofitel offerings which are developed exclusively by Thalassa Sea & Spa, a recognized nutrition and wellness experts in France for over 40 years.Sofitel Manila SpiralSofitel Manila SpiralHere, everything is calculated for the health conscious using only the freshest greens to help meet your health and weight goals.

Caviar Pie
Sofitel Manila SpiralI fell in love with Spiral’s Caviar Pie! This pie was put together perfectly! I even partnered it with Olive Bread.
Sofitel Manila Spiral

Enjoy only the freshest catch of the sea, from crabs, oysters and all other kinds of seafood.Sofitel Manila Spiral

Since I wanted mine cooked in garlic, butter and olive oil, I got from the Wood-Fired Oven area.Sofitel Manila Spiral
Sofitel Manila SpiralIt’s already prepared for you. Fresh and hot!

Sushi & SashimiSofitel Manila SpiralFresh, colorful and mouthwatering!

Assorted meat and cheese from France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland. It has an array of dried fruits and nuts as far as your eyes can see and as much as your stomach can hold!Sofitel Manila SpiralSofitel Manila SpiralSofitel Manila SpiralImagine entering a room full of cheese and meat! The smell in this room is just gastronomically wonderful!
Sofitel Manila SpiralMy plate with assorted cheese, meat and nuts with a glass of my favorite dessert wine, Monbazillac.

Hot JapaneseSofitel Manila SpiralEnjoy unlimited tempura.

French StoveSofitel Manila SpiralThis Bonnet French stove is inspired by the traditional french oven. It’s been used by Michelin Star Chefs and costs an incredible Php10M!

Near this section is where you can have your pasta cooked.Sofitel Manila SpiralThe smell of freshly cooked pasta is just to die for! You can choose from an assortment of ingredients.

In this atelier, juicy and beautifully roasted chickens will definitely draw you! Too bad, my picture got corrupted. 🙁

Spiral’s open kitchen concept gives a delightfully different approach. The labels of most chaffing dishes are deliberately removed so that interaction between guests and chefs are encouraged. The setup also gives you a chance to see how food is prepared and cooked in front of you.Sofitel Manila SpiralDon’t worry, Spiral is certified hazard-free!

Wood Fired Oven
Thin crust pizza straight from the oven, bite-sized quiche and more!Sofitel Manila SpiralI think I had too much of everything from this section!

Sofitel Manila SpiralSpiral’s non-greasy pizza is just addicting

Beef, beef and more beef! Let the chef know the doneness of your steak and the number of slices you wish to have. Wow!Sofitel Manila Spiral
Sofitel Manila Spiral
Season your steak using the herbs and spices on display.Sofitel Manila SpiralThis station was my husband’s favorite. He even made the chef his bestfriend of the day!

Per atelier, there is a To-Go item.Sofitel Manila Spiral

North Indian
Experience the flavors that only trained Sofitel chefs can do! They will make sure you get the majestic and rustic taste of India.Sofitel Manila SpiralThese Tandoori ovens are flown in from India to capture the authentic flavors of the Naan Bread as well as other Indian dishes.

Asian Noodles
Their fresh hand-pulled noodles is a must try!Sofitel Manila SpiralYou can either create your own recipe or stick with the chef’s recommendation. It’s delicious either way!

Peking Duck Oven
The aroma of a perfectly roasted Peking Duck is irresistable! How can you say no?Sofitel Manila SpiralSliced and just waiting for you!

Steam Basket
Sofitel Manila SpiralFor your dimsum fix.

Chinese Wok
This happens to be their bestselling section. Filipino, Thai and Korean ateliers are also available serving scrumptious and beautiful spreads as well. These sections were packed when we arrived. Too bad I wasn’t able to get the chance to sample their offerings.

La Boulangerie
Freshly baked hand-rolled bread everyday!Sofitel Manila SpiralWhite bread, whole wheat, baguette, rolls, pan de sal… Name it!

La Patisserie
Sofitel Manila SpiralPralines, eclairs, bibingka and a ton of other dessert offerings!

Rum Baba
This tiny cake soaked in rum syrup is a sinful treat!Sofitel Manila SpiralJust take it easy on the amount of rum syrup you put in if you still want to enjoy the rest of the desserts!

I must agree, Spiral’s Bibingka is delicious!Sofitel Manila Spiral

Another atelier full of truffles, cocoa, ganache, milk and dark chocolates… Name it!Sofitel Manila Spiral

I suggest that you don’t bring your kids in this area if you haven’t started eating yet! Another box-office section full of sweets and kiddie treats!Sofitel Manila SpiralSofitel Manila SpiralThe chocolate buffet is any chocolate lovers’ wonderland!

Different ice cream flavors with different toppings all in one corner!
Sofitel Manila SpiralLifted from Spiral’s Facebook Page.

Spiral 2 Go
Don’t go home without buying their macarons or chocolate chip cookies! It’s a must try!Notice the bike? This bike is being used by chefs to hand you your morning paper during breakfast. The whole concept was origially part of Spiral’s “Tour De France” theme. It was such a hit that they kept the novelty idea and made it a regular feature long after their “Tour De France” theme had ended. Cool!
If you can’t get enough of what you had, you can bring home some freshly baked bread, pastries or any of Spiral’s premium items.

La Veranda
This section features French wines and cocktails to pair with Spiral’s 21 dining ateliers.Sofitel Manila SpiralSofitel Manila Spiral

For a more private and intimate dining experience, you may opt to book for a dining room.

Spiral has a total of 6 dining rooms with an oriental feel… But still uniquely different from one another. Here are 2 of my favorite function rooms:

Voyeur RoomSofitel Manila SpiralThis room can fit up to 12 people. This room also gives you a peek at the kitchen outside.

Hidden RoomSofitel Manila SpiralFrom the name itself, the room is located where no one would think to find it… At the back of the wine shelves! This room can accommodate 10 people.

Spiral doesn’t offer the same dishes everyday (except for their signature dishes). That is perhaps one of the reasons why this amazing restaurant will make you come back again and again.

See and taste the world only at Spiral!

Seating Capacity Indoor: 396 seats
Outdoor: 56 seats

Daily Schedule
12 – 2:30PM
6 -10:30PM

Fridays and Saturdays
A BBQ area is available outside

Sunday Buffet for the family includes (but not limited to) unlimited champagne and sparkling wines, fun activities for the kids and so much more!
12 – 3PM
6 – 10:30PM

Contact Details

Spiral Restaurant – Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex
Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
T: 551-5555
E: [email protected]


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