What’s behind The Glass Door?

The Glass Door The Fort BGCStepping inside The Glass Door is like walking into The Great Gatsby movie! It kind of made me wish I should’ve worn something appropriate like a drop waist dress with rhinestones and sequins. Ha!The Glass Door The Fort BGCThe black and gold motiff reminds me of “The Roaring ’20s”… Glitz, glamour and all that jazz! The pipe-in music was amusingly contemporary but rendered in ’20s jazz style. The interiors alone were enough to make me excited already! What more of Chef Maj Lazatin‘s dishes? But don’t be intimidated by its physical appearance, ambiance and location because The Glass Door offers delicious comfort Italian food at very reasonable prices.

Check this out!

While waiting for some of my “foodie cohorts”, I started with a glass of Red Sangria.The Glass Door The Fort BGCThis sangria has one helluva punch! Chef Maj makes her Sangria the authentic way and she is damn proud of it! No added soda extenders. Just pure red wine, brandy, fruit juice and fruits!

Caesar Salad (Php240.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCI believe that a Caesar Salad scrimped on ingredients (especially anchovies) is a salad not worth serving at all. What a relief to know that the Glass Door’s Caesar Salad is made of Chef Maj’s special dressing with loads of anchovies, home made croutons, bacon bits and crisp romain lettuce. Absolutely divine!

Salmon Tartare (Php280.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCA beautiful summer appetizer of salmon, lemon and capers garnished with a sprig of dill in crisp cups that has a clean and refreshing taste. You may prefer to squeeze some more of the lemon to bring it all together. Very Italian!

Chicken Croquettas (Php220.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCChicken, carrots and celery rolled into bite-sized pieces. The creamy bechamel sauce worked lovely with the croquettas.

Duck Confit Pasta (Php550.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGC
Shredded duck sautéed with onions and mushrooms topped with homemade marmalade. This dish was able to cover 3 elements – sweet, salty and savory in one harmonious symphony. I like the way the pasta carries all the flavors.

Tartufo (Php375.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCThis home made pasta is a must try! The white truffle oil and the wild mushrooms make the most of both earthy and nutty flavors. This dish had just the right amount of cream and perfectly cooked al dente noodles. Anything with truffle is love for me!

Crusted Fish Almondine (Php360.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGC
2 thumbs up for not using Dory! This crusted fish fillet is another must try! This dish is served in almond butter sauce without being too heavy. It is topped with a generous amount of almonds making this simple dish special.

Beef Salpicao (Php400.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCThe kind of Salpicao that will make you order more drinks! Tender beef slices cooked in oil and garlic with a slight zing that will tickle your tastebuds. Garlic and chili are always a great combination.

And my favorite of them all… Callos (Php450.00)!The Glass Door The Fort BGCI remember my aunt (who is based in Madrid) that makes Callos this way. No hint of tomato sauce, just pure olive oil. Now that’s the authentic way! Ox tripe, garbanzos and chorizo – this is my kind of Sunday lunch meal. The callos actually goes perfectly well with the red Sangria!

Since alcoholic beverages are well tolerated and, in fact, creatively concocted at The Glass Door, they also serve these Filipino appetizers for you to enjoy while sipping your favorite drink.

Chicharon Bulaklak (Php180.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCCrunchy chicken innards with Chef Maj’s special sauce. Don’t forget the vinegar, it makes it even more delicious! I can eat this again and again (even with garlic rice) and that’s exactly what I did! Their garlic rice is to die for!

Chicharrones (Php220.00)The Glass Door The Fort BGCAlthough, Chef Maj has yet to perfect this, The Glass Door’s Chicharrones is already flavorful as it is. These marinated pork cut-ups are double cooked to reach that desired crunch.

To end our sumptious meal, we were served Apple Crumble.The Glass Door The Fort BGCWhen eating this delicious dessert, however way you decide to eat it, you can never go wrong.

The Glass Door accepts both walk-in and reservations. The entire place can fit a good number of people as well. Parking is just infront of the establishment but can be filled-up right away because of the offices surrounding the area. But there are other parking options nearby as well.

Enter The Glass Door and taste Chef Maj’s selection of wonderfully concocted and well-thought out dishes that she does amazingly. The food will make you want to come back again and again while their drinks will make you stay there longer!

Maj Lazatin studied Italian Cuisine at Apicius Cooking School in Florence. She also went to Julian Serrano’s Picasso at the Bellagio in Las Vegas as an apprentice.

Contact Details

G/F Net Square Building,
28th Street and 3rd Avenue,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
T: 831-2256
E: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Glass-Door/458511527588650
Twitter: @theglassdoorph
Instagram: theglassdoormanila


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