With Mister Donut, mapapa – Wow Bavarian ka!

It’s already a given that when we hear the word Mister Donut… “mapapangiti ka talaga!” It’s easy to eat, filling, delicious, affordable and easy to find a Mister Donut store!

Mister Donut’s Wow Bavarian selection is a delightful example of getting far more than what you pay for.Mister Donut Wow Bavarian title= For only Php150.00, your family and friends can indulge in a box of 10 donuts with a wide range of flavors that will satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Mister Donut Wow Bavarian
In Strawberry Bavarian Cream, Choco Bavarian Cream and Choco Fudge apart from their Classic Bavarian-filled donut. Topped off with different confections like chocolate, white chocolate, choco streusel, peanuts and various colors of sanding sugars.

And not just that! Mister Donut now has a Mister Donut Snack Pack collection featuring:

Donut Rocks
Mister Donut Brownie BrittleTry these out if you are craving for something sweeter. These delightful crunchy chocolate donut bites can be an absolutely sweet indulgence! One pack will never be enough for you! Good thing it’s just Php35.00!

Brownie Brittle
Mister Donut Donut RocksThese crispy chocolate brownie chips can be your mid-day snack or as a topping on your vanilla ice cream. Your simple “joy in a pack” for only at Php30.00!

Buying these snack packs or taking home a box of those colorful Wow Bavarians, will definitely bring happiness to anyone receiving it. Don’t wait for the next payday or the next school year or even the next special occasion… Just drop by your nearest Mister Donut branch and bring home a box of the new Wow Bavarian selection and Mister Donut snack packs!

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