Unlimited Sushi, Sashimi and Rolls at Genji M!

Second time to try Genji M and still happy! Find out their new items plus new coupons that you can easily print out and use! – Genji M revisited x Coupon Giveaway!

Craving for some Japanese and Korean food without spending so much? Genji M offers a wide array of sushi, sashimi (premium and regular) and rolls – sky is the limit (aka as much as your stomach can take!)

Genji is one the famous last names in Japan and also means “today”. While M is for Makati or Manila. Makes sense, right? It is located at Kalayaan Ave cor. Makati Ave., in Makati making Genji M accessible to both commuting and non-commuting customers. The place also offers valet parking service for your convenience.Genji M

In the beginning, they were targeting Korean and Japanese clientele in and around the neighborhood until they decided to do a revamp – new brand, new menu and aiming for the local community as well.Genji MGenji M

This area can be reserved for an intimate gathering without room charge.

Genji M’s menu specializes in sashimi using only the finest parts. The executive Chef, Mr. Park has been in the restaurant business for more than 15 years hence the innovative menu combos of both traditional Japanese and Korean food such as Bulgogi Maki, Samgyubsal sushi and Kimchi Maki as well as the introduction of fusion makis, rolls and sushi.Genji M

Chefs at work!

Genji M’s “unlimited” concept of sushi, sashimi and rolls is definitely going to be a crowd favorite!

This is how their unli concept works:
STEP 1: Choose from UNLIMITED Sushi and Rolls at Php399.00 / Unlimited Sashimi at Php699.00 / Unlimited Premium Sashimi at Php1,499.00
STEP 2: Order your 1st platter
STEP 3: When done with your platter, using a checklist found on the table, choose what you want to order next.Genji M
STEP 4: Eat.
STEP 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4. Until you can no longer eat.
Note though that as with all buffets or eat all you can promos, leftover food has a corresponding penalty.

For our dinner, a bottle of Korean Soju was prepared.Genji MThis is actually my first time to try Soju. I thought it was like sparkling wine or carbonated water. When I drank half of the glass, I felt quite a kick! It was like drinking vodka! Little did I know (upon checking the bottle) that soju, like vodka, is made from fermented potatoes (thanks dudeforfood.blogspot.com for this helpful info). The only difference is that Soju is made from sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. Cool. I learned something new that night! This drink is actually the perfect partner for your unlimited sushi and sashimi!

We were then served what we thought would be our last meal!

Japanese Style SaladGenji M

Fresh greens and roasted sesame dressing.

Mixed Sashimi Platter (Round 1)Genji M

Tuna Belly, Lapu-Lapu, Tuna, Salmon, Octopus and Squid

Mixed Sashimi Platter (Round 2)Genji M

Similar to the first round of mixed sashimi platter except it had Blue Marlin slices this time around.

Sushi PlatterGenji MSushi as far as the eye can see. Notice the brown one on the upper right portion? That’s the Samgyubsal Maki! That’s one interesting maki!

How about this Bulgogi Maki?Genji MThere’s Bulgogi Rice so, why not make a Bulgogi Maki? The nori wrapper makes it creative and it adds a little character.

Care for some Baked Tofu Sushi?Genji MAppearance wise, it looked like a Samosa. Taste wise, it’s sweet but pleasing. Dip it in soy sauce and you’ve got a good play on sweet-salty flavors.

This next dish will surely tickle your fancy. Watch it and I am sure you’ll find yourself heading out to Genji M right away!


Viola! Your Spam Maki is ready!Genji M

True to it’s mission, Genji M takes their dishes to the next level! Serving innovative food and giving it their own signature style. Something that you will only see here at Genji M!

Apart from serving good food, Genji M’s project is to have at least “once a month” fundraising projects for local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) to help support their advocacies. Also, Genji M’s owner, Mr. Sam Lee, dreams of a Genji M Sushi place complete with conveyor belts… managed and manned by handicapped people on wheel chairs. Chefs, too!
That’s not all, Genji M has an on-going promo of FREE MEAL COUPONS valued at Php250.00Genji MJust print this Genji M coupon and present it to to the restaurant and you’ll be able to avail of the promo right away! Cool, huh? Just be reminded that 1 coupon per person applies. You may also say that you got the coupon from me.

I guess that’s your cue to try out Genji M sooner than later!

Contact Details
Kalayaan Ave., cor Makati Ave., Makati City
T: 804-2883
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GenjiM


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  1. spam maki is technically called as spam masuvi

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