Yumi makes my tummy happy!

Greenhills Shopping Center has renovated to keep up with the times and have even added several structures like the Promenade Extension Mall which houses a good number of restaurants. Yumi, an establishment that offers delectable classic and modern Japanese dishes, happens to be one of them.Yumi Promenade Greenhills

Yumi in English means beautiful and at Yumi, every dish is just that – beautiful. Food is well seasoned, cooked and artistically presented like a form of delightful expression. Don’t be fooled, though… these offerings are surprisingly budget friendly.

Here are my “must-try” dishes:


Hamachi Carpaccio (Php490.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
Thinly sliced fresh yellowtail tuna drizzled with EVOO and lemon zest. Velvety and fresh with a refreshing burst.

Unagi Foie Gras (Php350.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
Eel and I have a “love-hate relationship”. I try my best to veer away from eating eel because it reminds me of… ummmm… “something” similarly long and slimey (you get the idea). But when it is cooked and prepared with one of my favorite ingredients – Foie Gras, everything somehow changes. This dish has got a great flavor combination with a rough texture that makes it delicious.

Sake Sushi Balls (Php205.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
Instead of regular shaped sushi, Yumi’s own version are shaped into lollipops making it more appealing to the eyes. The milky salmon with vinegared rice goes well with the cream cheese. The crispy rolled salmon skin which look like sticks gave this dish additional character.


Hiyashi Chuka Salad (Php275.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
It’s like eating Kani salad with chilled noodles, cucumber and crabstick with sesame dressing. The nutty flavor from the dressing goes perfectly well with all the other ingredients. A delightful salad which seems to compliment the coming hot months!


Teppan Grilled US Tenderloin with Foie Gras (Php775.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
Top grade US tenderloin + Foie Gras? Woah! This is one amazing and delicious piece of heaven. The juicy beef slices and duck liver are absolutely worth every bite, calorie and cholesterol! Seriously!


Soft Shell Crab Tempura (Php395.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
It gives me so much joy when I eat soft-shelled crabs and I only get that feeling whenever it is cooked the Japanese way! The soft shell crabs have a clean flavor. This Yumi specialty is cooked perfectly making it crunchy flaky. Yum!


Tori Kuwayaki (Php320.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
Crunchy and sweet chicken pieces that tasted wonderful especially after eating all the savory dishes. Good for kids and for the not-so-adventurous type of eaters. Uncomplicated yet delicious.


Angus Prime Chahan (Php199.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
How can you go wrong with Angus beef? Yumi’s very own Chahan will give other Chahans a run for their money.


Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream (Php165.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
This is Yumi’s version of fried ice cream. The chocolate syrup and green tea ice cream makes for one very good dessert.

Saving the best for last was this beautiful-looking and punch-packing dish – Yumi’s Symphony (Php380.00)Yumi Promenade Greenhills
Fried sushi rice with layers of fish roe, spicy tuna, spicy salmon and kani all balled together immediately made this dish a smashing hit! Yumi’s Symphony has a light zing to stimulate the appetite. Piece of advice… pace yourself when eating this. You don’t want to get full right away especially if you still have other delicious Yumi offerings yet to be served for the evening!

Yumi is always packed even on weekdays! If you want to experience their amazing and Instagram-worthy dishes, better come early. Probably one of the great and more affordable Japanese restaurants in the Greenhills area right now. Yumi is located at the Mezzanine level of the new Promenade Extension in Greenhills. You can easily navigate your way to Yumi using the elevator or stairs.

I will most definitely come back again. And soon! I hope they maintain the same level of taste and quality of food for years and years to come.

Contact Details

Mezzanine of the new Promenade Extension Mall,
Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan City
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/YumiJapanese
Instagram: yumi_greenhills


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5 Replies to “Yumi makes my tummy happy!”

  1. Chuckie Dreyfus says: Reply

    Their foie gras sushi is TO DIE FOR! Sarap!

  2. It was also SO surprising how their food was beautiful, delicious, and wonderfully affordable!!! 🙂

  3. Now I'm getting a bit insecure that you might expect too much!

  4. Chuckie Dreyfus says: Reply

    Surprisngly affordable diba? Kaya always jampacked ang place.

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