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Magosaburo Ala Carte MenuWhen you hear Magosaburo, what comes to mind? Wagyu. Kaiseki. Fancy. Expensive.

My advice… don’t be intimidated by its appearance and reputation. Yes, they are known to specialize in Wagyu Kaiseki (course meal) and wine pairing but Magosaburo now has an ala carte menu that’s priced quite reasonably AND you still get that top-grade Japanese beef which Magosaburo is known for.Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu

Executive Chef Takashi Motomatsu is hands-on in the kitchen making sure each dish is cooked perfectly and plated beautifully.

Below are a few of Magosaburo’s ala carte offerings:

Three Kinds of Kim-Chi (Php200.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte MenuMagosaburo Ala Carte Menu
For the record, I am a Kim-Chi fan. I got excited when this dish was served. It had long cabbage, cucumber and radish. I enjoyed eating the radish more because of the crisp texture and its pungent flavor. In between bites, sip some Moscato Barefoot. It goes perfectly well together.Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu

Smoked Barracuda with Calamansi or Mayo and Chili Pepper (Php250.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu
I hesitantly tried this but the moment I popped one in my mouth I realized that it actually tasted like Tinapa but a little subtler. It pleasantly blew me away! Squeeze some Calamansi for the right balance of sour and acidity. This is the kind of dish that you want to eat continuously.

Hamachi (Japanese Amberjack) Sashimi (Php600.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu
Raw, fresh and buttery. The melt in your mouth and velvety texture is just wonderful!

Eel Pasta (680.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu
Eels are one of those seafood ingredients that I avoid eating simply because it looks like a snake! But when it is presented beautifully (meaning, not looking like a snake) with an irresistible aroma, why not! The pasta was smooth which went well with the eel’s texture. The nori flakes on top gave it additional character and the sansho (or 3 kinds of spices) that you see around the plate gave this dish so much oomph! Make sure to twist your noodles around the sansho.

Five Kinds of Assorted Sushi (Php550.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte MenuMagosaburo Ala Carte Menu
Salmon, Tuna, Squid, Scallop and Egg in Balsamic vinegar rice.
Everything was fresh. No hint of briny or fishy taste. It was presented the usual simple way but still looking pretty, nevertheless.

Assorted Tempura (Php480.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu
One platter consists of prawn, squid, kisu, pumpkin, eggplant and zucchini. Magosaburo’s version used a smooth batter instead of the coarse one making it smoother and easier to eat but still crunchy and not at all greasy. Each piece was done right.

Foie Gras rice in Teriyaki Sauce (Php920.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu
I just have to say… this Foie Gras rice is a must-try! The sweetness from the teryaki sauce balances out all the cloying flavors. It also has a generous amount of Foie Gras.

MAGO WAGYU Chuck Roll Shabu-Shabu (Php720.00)Magosaburo Ala Carte MenuMagosaburo Ala Carte Menu
A Japanese version of hotpot. In truth, shabu-shabu is pretty much made the same anywhere you go. But when you use the finest ingredients and prepared in a uniquely different method, it’s a whole different story. Magosaburo uses a beautifully marbled Mago Wagyu Chuck Roll. This is one of the main reasons why I really enjoy eating here, they serve quality beef consistently! The beef just simply melts in your mouth! But what also makes their shabu-shabu extra special are the different sauces that come with it:Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu Goma (sesame seed) or Ponzu (sour soy sauce). Slightly dip the sirloin into the sauce of your choice to enhance the taste.

But I will let you in on a little secret which was shared to us by the very gracious Magosaburo owner, Abi. Request for some Yuzu (pureed rind similar to “dayap”) then add it to your Ponzu for that light citrusy taste.Magosaburo Ala Carte Menu
The Yuzu cuts the tartness that the Ponzu gives and it adds a really refreshing taste. Do not put this in your goma, though. Haha!

Magosaburo’s quality of food, ambiance and impeccable service gives you so much bang for your buck! I haven’t tried all their ala carte offerings yet, but what I’ve tasted is good enough reason to recommend this fine restaurant again. And again.

And when you are at Magosaburo or simply in the area and you feel the urge to stretch back and relax after a stressful day, head on over to Mago Wine Lounge. You can enter either through the separate entrance behind Magosaburo or via the main restaurant.

Contact Details

Fort Pointe 2 (The Fort Strip), Global City, Taguig (underneath URBN Bar)
T: 856-0795


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