Lovin’ food is easy at SpeakEasy!

SpeakEasy AlphalandSpeakEasy has that retro-style atmosphere complete with dim lights, soft leather couches in a small space that can be occupied by just a good number of people. It gives the entire place a more private and intimate appeal. Very laid back. The concept reminds me of mobster movies or the look of gangsters back in the days of “Al Capone”.SpeakEasy AlphalandSpeakEasy Alphaland

SpeakEasy serves western comfort food. Even though they do not have an extensive food list, you are assured of well thought of, beautifully created and delicious dishes headed by Chef Mike Santos who was under the tutelage of Chef Cyrille Soenen of Brasserie Ciçou.

The dishes that were served to us shows how Chef Mike can concoct an old dish yet making it more amazing and delectable.


Gambas (Php260.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandApart from shrimps, it also had chorizo cooked with garlic in white wine, olive oil and spices. You can request for a spicy version (which I actually prefer). The zing will stimulate your appetite more!

SpeakEasy Gnocchi (Php260.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandSpeakEasy’s Gnocchi is not overwhelmingly creamy (that’s a good thing). It had truffle plus lemon rind to cut the richness. The light pillowy gnocchi is a great alternative to pasta. One of SpeakEasy’s must-try dishes during your visit.


Truffle Mac and Cheese (Php375.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandHow can you go wrong with Mac and Cheese and bacon?! This version in creamy cheese sauce with bacon and truffle oil is so spot on! The truffle oil gives that earthy flavor and delicious aroma to make this common Mac and Cheese dish extraordinary.


Croque Madame (Php315.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandA sandwich with an egg that resembles a woman’s hat on top of the white bread – hence the name. SpeakEasy’s version includes Farmer’s ham, Gruyere and gratinated with more Gruyere. It is topped with a perfectly made runny sunny side-up egg for a wonderful finish. The creamy sauce absorbed by the loaf makes this a really delicious sandwich.

Montecristo (Php295.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandFarmer’s ham and Gruyere cheese with white loaf soaked in homemade smooth batter and pan seared in butter. This dish is deliciously comforting since it reminds me of French Toast. Speakeasy even perfectly partnered this delicious offering with their well seasoned and beautifully fried potato skins.

SpeakEasy Burger (Php520.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandI hate extenders in beef patties so it made me very happy to learn that SpeakEasy’s burger patties contains nothing but 100% PURE BEEF! This dish also has arugula, lettuce, onion, tomato and Gruyere cheese topped with a sunny side egg and and fried potato skins.


SpeakEasy Napoleon (Php180.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandIf a cronut and napeoleones of Bacolod were to marry, this would probably be their offspring. Puff pastry with pastry cream and strawberry cream sauce… Woah! Worth all the calories!

Spiced Banana and Nutella Crepe (Php180.00)SpeakEasy AlphalandBanana and Nutella are common ingredients in a good number of desserts in most restaurants and homes nowadays. But the zing this dish gives out together with the mint leaves which provide a slight yet noticeable cooling effect made this simple dessert very special.

And if you must drink, try SpeakEasy’s “Blood Shot”!SpeakEasy AlphalandTequila + Sangrita (tomato, tabasco, horseradish and cranberry juice) = Whoa!

SpeakEasy – a very cool and cozy place where wonderful dishes are made and remade. Probably my new favorite spot in the city.

Contact Details

G/F of Alphaland’s City Club
Malugay cor. Ayala Avenue, Makati City
T: 0917-499-EASY (3279)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpeakeasyMakati


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    I love the Speakeasy Burger! I'm actually craving for it right now! Argh!

  2. Marie Aileen Regina Dreyfus says: Reply

    Same here! Haha 🙂

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