OTKB OMG! My Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar experience!

There’s a big difference between a good dish and a great dish. Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar or OTKB serves the latter.

Olive Tree Kitchen and Bar headed by Chef Rob Pengson and Executive Sous Chef Jonvic Mangibin serves delicious Italian food. They sure know how to play with flavors of different ingredients that will make you go head over heels.Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB

Great news for everyone because OTKB’s Tasting Menu is now available and is being offered at Php1,900.00 per person. Note though… if you want to try their Tasting Menu, best to call at least 1 day ahead of time. This is worth trying so better read on and check out the pictures below!



Foie Gras Popsicle – Caponata Macaron – Eel and Apple Galette

Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
I have always loved Foie Gras. That being said, I’ve got to say that OTKB’s Foie Gras Popsicle did not disappoint at all! It tasted avocado-ish with a hint of guava that I can only guess comes from its black beer and port marinade with almonds adding an overall sexy texture. It was like warm ice cream with pineapple chutney which was oh so wonderful!

Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
I always enjoy a few Macarons after a rich or heavy meal. But this Caponata Macaron that wasn’t too sweet to be a dessert, perfectly fits as an antipasti. The sweet and salty flavors from the black olive and ricotta caponata filling worked really well.

Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
The Eel and Apple Galette wasn’t really appealing to me. But only because I am not a fan of both eel and apple. The eel was lightly smoked in apple wood and the galette was made of aged parmigiano reggiano, potato and red apple. Dab a little of the cream on the side that tastes slightly salty and tangy to balance out the distinct flavors of the eel and the sweetness of the apple.

Beef Burger SlidersOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
Eat it in one go. That’s what I did! These bite-sized delights slide easily down your throat! Enjoy the simple yet tasty flavor of pure and juicy char-grilled beef sandwiched in-between 2 buttery focaccia/brioche buns and gorgonzola mousse spread. These sliders are topped with pickled shallots, fried onions, micro arugula and pommery mustard dressing.


Braised Pork Jowl and Oyster CalzoneOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
Poached oyster stuffed inside the calzone dough, honey braised pork jowl and white cabbage. It had bonito flakes, aged Parmigiano shavings, Pulpo a la Plancha (octopus), Nori wrappers and drizzled with slightly spicy octopus ink all over the stone slab. This tiny dish with ingredients you wouldn’t imagine to go well together actually blended perfectly! It’s a great mixture of flavors that excite the palate.

Caesar SaladOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
This is not your usual Caesar Salad. The crisp greens mixed with prosciutto, Moroccan anchovies, Parmigiano Reggiano shavings, croutons and olive oil was to die for! The subtle taste of the cheese and the flavor of the dressing makes this simple dish extremely delicious! It was an absolute favorite that evening.


Pizza MargheritaOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
They say if you can’t do your Pizza Margherita right, then, the rest of your pizzas are not worth serving! OTKB’s Pizza Margherita had very simple and basic toppings which had a clean taste yet full in flavor. Comforting.

Bacon and Maple PizzaOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
This was another crowd pleaser – the Bacon and Maple Pizza! The smell and taste of the maple syrup was divine. The prosciutto and bacon stood out. I love how the crust was crispy but still retained a good amount of chewiness. I would eat this again and again!

Potato and Ricotta GnocchiOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
Instead of pasta, we were served Gnocchi with potato and ricotta with egg. This egg was slow cooked and topped with black olive confit. The gnocchi was soft and pillowy smothered in very creamy sauce making this particular dish a tad heavier than expected.


Hanging Tender – Morcilla Paté – Scorched Nori RisottoOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
This absolutely piqued my interest! I have eaten blood sausage or morcilla as a tapa. But as a paté, this was a first! It partnered well with the beautifully cooked steak slices. The scorched nori risotto adds character to the dish making it all the more delicious! Ahh yes! Anything risotto is a winner for me and this particular dish is a must try.

Crispy Pork BellyOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
Fatty, crunchy, toasty and tasty! This Crispy Pork Belly was brined and then sous vide for 48 hours then deep fried. When you cut into it, you’ll see the perfectly rendered fats. Served atop Mountain Multigrain Fried Rice, apples, liver pate, pickles. It was an absolutely gorgeous meal!

Pan Seared Pink SalmonOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
Perfectly pan seared pink salmon with oatmeal in carrot and cumin puree that can be likened to a sweet-curry sauce. Delicious!


Chocolate TerrainOlive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB
This sinful dessert packed with chocolate rocks and chocolate soil underneath, meringue shards, chocolate shavings, mousse, cake pop and brownies will be a chocolate lovers’ dream ending! Really!


Glass of Iced Tea or Glass of Manila Mule (vodka, ginger, calamansi and mango)Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB


The rustic ambiance is like an old classic kitchen with a spacious dining area dimly lit, setting that romantic ambiance.Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB

A function room (that can fit 14 persons) can be reserved with attractive consumable rates for that intimate gathering.Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB

Schedule your next lunch or dinner out at OTKB and try their amazing Tasting Menu. It’s well worth it!Olive Tree Kitchen & Bar OTKB

Contact Details:

G/F B4, Bonifacio High Street,
9th Avenue, BGC Taguig (Beside TGIF where The Stock Market used to be located at.)
T: 823-0366
E: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OTKB.bhs


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