Appetizing Plates at Kulinarya Kitchen

Kulinarya Kitchen has been a favorite restaurant of both my husband and I. In fact, that was the last restaurant he pigged-out at before he left for GMA-7’s Survivor Philippines: Celebrity Doubles Showdown 2 years ago.Kulinarya Kitchen

Kulinarya Kitchen may look pricey and may intimidate some just by looking at the restaurant’s façade. But in truth, they actually serve delicious comfort food in good portions that won’t even make a dent on your budget. And recently, they launched some new dishes that I am most definitely sure you would want to try! Here are some of Kulinarya’s dishes that may make you salivate!


Seafood Salad Maki (Php250.00)Kulinarya KitchenAn especially appealing appetizer with shrimp and crabstick rolled in nori sheet, dipped in breading and deep fried! Topping it off with ebiko, drizzled with wasabi vinaigrette, soy balsamic reduction and mango coulis for that additional sweet taste. It’s an amazing flavor warfare in your mouth!

Hoisin Marinated US Beef Skewer (Php285.00)Kulinarya KitchenThis seems like a modified version of beef kebabs because of the bell peppers, shallots with saté. The Hoisin’s sweet and salty taste complimented the peanut sauce, aioli and the hint of chili oil. Soft char-grilled US beef cubes, flavorful and saté-fying!

Sriracha Chicken Wings (Php280.00)Kulinarya KitchenStill crispy even with the glaze. The sriracha sauce gives it a delicious and spicy taste that will tickle your tastebuds. A perfect appetizer to start a beautiful meal.


Summer Salad (Solo: Php250.00 / Sharing: Php480.00)Kulinarya KitchenCombination of watermelon, apple, tomato, pistachio, feta cheese, crisp greens of romaine and arugula and a delectable sweet & soury honey-cider-vinaigrette dressing – all you need to make a colorful, refreshing, light and healthy salad!


Surf and Turf (Php995.00)Kulinarya KitchenKulinarya Kitchen
Roast beef slices with all of its accoutrements: corn, steamed vegetables, cheesy potatoes and parsley butter rice. It comes with additional gravy if you want your beef smothered with it!
Kulinarya KitchenThe “melts in your mouth” roast in red wine sauce was very tasty partnered with Shrimp Thermidor in rich and creamy sauce. This is a winner!

You can choose from an assortment of sidings: mashed potatoes, french fries, mushroom risotto, sesame noodles, steamed rice, Spanish or Indian rice.


Salmon Beurre Blanc (Php495.00)Kulinarya KitchenThis dish looks glamorous and tastes great! A classic combination of salmon, capers, dill and cream but without being too heavy. It also has a twist of lemon to give it a clean finish.


Linguine with Lamb Ragu (Php350.00)Kulinarya KitchenNot a lamb fan here because of it’s gamey flavor which I’m not too fond of but the gremolata gave the dish just the right amount citrus it needed. The lamb bits cooked ossobuco-style in tomato and marsala wine sauce takes out the bitterness. It was really flavorful. Sadly, I’m still not crazy over lamb dishes. But that’s just me. Loved the saffron linguine, though.


Pizza Bianca (Php460.00)Kulinarya KitchenHow can you go wrong with cheese pizza? Kulinarya’s Kitchen version made it even better with truffle oil! Upon serving, you can smell the truffle oil immediately teasing your appetite! The pizza’s thin crust is topped with oven roasted tomatoes, pancetta, feta cheese, arugula and drizzled with balsamic glaze and white truffle oil.

We were also served 2 kinds of PAELLA RISOTTO.Kulinarya KitchenTheir Paella Risottos are good for sharing. These two particular dishes are amusing marriages of Paella and Risotto making these two classic dishes impressive, delicious and comforting.

Pork Belly con Chorizo Risotto (Php695.00)Kulinarya KitchenI gotta say, this was one of the best dishes I’ve tried at Kulinarya Kitchen! True, I love anything risotto. But all bias aside, I enjoyed this a whole lot because this dish showed at the very least 3 elements that worked together wonderfully – flavor, texture and aroma. It had the right amount of salt and acidity from the tomato-seafood broth while the pork belly provided that crunchy, toasty texture. The risotto was perfectly cooked – firm but not hard and the saffron gave this dish that pleasant earthy flavor.

Seafood and Chicken Risotto (Php695.00)Kulinarya KitchenA lighter paella-risotto dish compared to the first one we had. This particular risotto had shrimp, squid, chicken, chorizo and vegetables in tomato-seafood broth-based, creamy risotto rice with saffron and paprika dulce. Another satisfying meal in itself.


A beautiful meal is never complete without dessert. We capped off our delicious meal with Kulinarya’s Suman Latik Fritters and Mango Flambé (Php195.00)Kulinarya KitchenThis elegant dessert of crispy-coated rice cakes and flambéed fresh mangoes drizzled with sweet coco jam and served with vanilla ice cream is spot on! A modern take on a classic recipe.

If you want to add a little pizzazz to your meal, wines like Manny O’s are available for you to choose from.Kulinarya KitchenThe white wines pair very well with most Asian dishes. Perfect for Kulinarya Kitchen’s fares.

Kulinarya Kitchen’s comfortable atmosphere and consistently delicious food is what most definitely keeps “parokyanos” like me and my family coming back again and again. Undoubtedly our go-to restaurant whenever we are at the Power Plant Mall.

Kulinarya Kitchen never disappoints.

Don’t just take my word for it. You must try it yourselves.

Contact Details
P1, Power Plant Mall,
Rockwell Center, Makati City
T: 898-1738 / 1864


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  1. Kulinarya Kitchen says: Reply

    Thank you Tummy Traveler for the great review and letting your readers know about Kulinarya Kitchen. We hope that more people discover us and become parokyanos like you.

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  3. Chuckie Dreyfus says: Reply

    I love their paella risotto. Couldn't stop eating it. 🙂

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