Homemade tacos and shells!

I’ve been a long time fan of Kamicos’ Tacos located in Shoppesville, Greenhills. Mainly because they do not use corn or wheat shells (which I don’t like) and they have very tasty beef. It may not be authentic but it suits my taste. Even my husband and kids love it. Too bad it seems they started downsizing their tacos but sold at the same price. Blame it on the economy, I guess. That’s when I decided to make my own taco shells at home.

Studying the taste and look of Kamico’s taco shells, I figured the shells were made using deep-fried lumpia wrapper. It’s fairly easy to make but it will still consume time.

I made these tacos one night because my family requested it. I think I’ll be making this more often. Seems I will no longer need to buy from Kamicos from now on. Making my own actually comes out cheaper and more delicious, too! 🙂Dreyfus Cuisine Tacos

1 kilo ground lean beef
Olive oil
Cooking oil
Minced garlic
1 large onion, chopped
1 cabbage, shredded
5 large tomatoes, cubed
3 tbsp. tomato paste
Ground cumin
Large lumpia wrapper
Grated cheddar cheese

1. Heat olive oil in a large pan. Add butter. Saute onion and garlic. Add in the beef.
2. Add the tomato paste. Sprinkle a little of cumin, coriander, cayenne and paprika. Season with salt and pepper. Simmer for 10minutes.
*You may adjust the quantity of cumin, coriander, cayenne and paprika depending on your taste.
3. Remove excess oil before transferring to a serving bowl.

Here’s how to make the taco shells:Dreyfus Cuisine Tacos
1. Carefully separate the lumpia wrapper in twos from its bundle. Set aside.
2. Heat your pan and oil. Make sure it’s hot before frying the wrapper.
3. Hold the wrapper on both ends making a “U” shape.
4. Dip the curved part first until golden brown. Then the sides.
5. When you are done frying, drain the excess oil sticking on the fried lumpia wrappers by dabbing (or placing) them on paper towels.

How to assemble the Tacos:Dreyfus Cuisine Tacos
1. Spoon the cooked beef onto the fried lumpia wrapper.
2. Scoop some shredded cabbage, tomatoes and onions then top it off with grated cheddar cheese.
3. You may also drizzle catsup or sour cream and hot sauce.
*Sour cream can be bought at the supermarket.
4. Serve and enjoy!


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