Unilab products at 7-Eleven stores

I find it a concern whenever I urgently need to buy medicine in the wee hours of the morning and the nearest drugstore within my area is already closed or when the nearest open pharmacy is miles away from where I am.

A few weeks back, I was along Salcedo St. in Makati with my husband when I needed to get a few strips of adhesive bandage for my sore toe and a few Biogesic tablets for my throbbing head. Unfamiliar with the vicinity, I figured that the nearest drugstore would still be hard to locate. The only store I could find nearby was a 7-Eleven store. Hoping to find at least an adhesive bandage, I went in. To my pleasant surprise, there was a Unilab stand in one of the aisles displaying a good variety of Unilab products.

Unilab 711It had almost every basic Unilab medicine one could need! From children’s vitamin-C in syrup form to Bioflu. These tablets can be bought in “to-go” packs which you can easily put in your bag or purse. The items are also priced reasonably.

Isn’t it a relief to know that products from your trusted medicine brand can easily be bought in convenience stores that are open 24/7?

And because illnesses and sudden emergencies can happen even during the most inconvenient of times and places, it’s great to know that relief is always within reach.

Good job, Unilab.


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