Wine and dine at Black Olive Cerveceria!

If you want to experience good Mediterranean food with an assortment of European draft beers in a relaxing ambience, head on over to Black Olive Cerveceria.Black Olive Cerveceria

Another pride of Chef Carlo Miguel (of The Distillery, Draft Gastropub, and Beso Cucina Vinoteka and Imperial Ice Bar). Bringing Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish cuisines altogether. Serving Tapas in small plates while sipping your favorite draft beer or Sangria in between bites.Black Olive Cerveceria

I’ve listed down several dishes that I personally like and will come back for more of it.

Must try Cold and Hot Small Plates:

Squid Ink Battered Prawns with Jalapeño-Honey Aioli (Php390.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
This baby is a must try! The prawns were dipped in batter with squid ink. Very innovative! It has a delightful crisp and crunch. Personally, the dish is actually seasoned enough that you don’t need the dip anymore to enjoy its flavor. You can also try drizzling some lemon on top to give it a little bite. A perfect appetizer while sipping some Montrouge Sangria!

Involtini (Php270.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
Feta cheese, Black Olives, roasted tomatoes wrapped in eggplant. Totally Greek! Totally delicious!

Burrata with Prosciutto (Php485.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
The combination of prosciutto and mozzarella is an absolute win! Salty and subtle flavors together make a great appetizer. Plus the walnuts and marinated onions give it added oomph!

Grilled Octopus (Php230.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
I almost didn’t want to try out this dish! Whenever I hear Octopus, it reminds me of “Fear Factor”! But I overcame my fear and, upon tasting, it gave me a new kind of affection to this mollusc. Maybe the salsa with the romesco cream sauce made this eatable and appealing to me.

For ladies who want to feel sophisticated for the night, order a pitcher of Montrouge Sangria (Php700+).Black Olive Cerveceria
This concoction is a mix of Camus Montrouge red wine with pineapple and orange juices and garnished with slices of fresh oranges and red apples. A great accompaniment to your hot and cold small plates.

Must try Mains:

Risotto Verde (Php605.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
You might find this “good for 1 serving” dish a bit pricey. But it is worth every morsel, I tell you! I’m a sucker for Risotto and this one definitely did not disappoint! The Risotto was deliciously prepared. The seared salmon has a clean taste and a crunchy flaky skin while the cream on top gives the dish an entirely different character. Well conceptualized and beautifully plated, too!

Porchetta with Rosemary Roast Potato and Caponata (Php490.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
This slab of pork belly is already enough to satisfy your tummy! You’ve got perfectly rendered fats. Eat the meat together with the crispy skin to get all the favors in one go. Follow it up with a small scoop of Caponata, made of sliced eggplants and vegetables. The buttered mashed potato is also a winner. I’d still eat this even if it seems too deadly! Haha!

Grilled Pork Chop with Balsamic Figs and Mashed Sweet Potato (Php480.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
Balsamic vinegar is love for me! When this was served, I sliced a portion right away! It was grilled just right with a good amount of acid. The mashed sweet potato goes well with the pork chop’s marinade.

Brick Oven Pizza (Php495.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
Baked fresh and hand rolled pizza straight from the brick oven to your table. Topped with Prosciutto de parma, tomato, gooey mozzarella and fresh arugula on a thin, bubbly crispy crust.

Don’t forget to order Black Olive’s Tiramisu (Php230.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
I used to go gaga over any Tiramisu until I got sick of it! But it looks like Black Olive’s version of Tiramisu will be one of the reasons why I may go gaga over it again! A slice of this with a cup of hot coffee make for a great night cap.

Here are some of Black Olive’s other dishes that might tickle your fancy as well:

Stracchi Pasta with Lamb (Php430.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
If you’ve been reading my food entries, you’ll know that I am not a Lamb fan because of the gamey flavor it gives. But that’s just me. But if gamey is right up your alley, you’ll be pleased to know that this dish also has a great flavor combination from the black olives and rich ragu sauce.

Barbecue Pork Riblets (Php415.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
This fork tender pork riblets will win the hearts (and tummies) of kids. It’s just a tad too sweet to my liking.

Boneless Chicken Wings (Php280.00)Black Olive Cerveceria
Crispy wings with a hint of spice. This appetizer will surely excite your palate.

You might also want to try Black Olive’s extensive list of draft beers: Stella Artois, Beck’s and Chimay amongst others.Black Olive Cerveceria

This 2-storey establishment is a very cool place with great food and an interesting menu + a great outdoor seating especially during the night.Black Olive Cerveceria
Black Olive Cerveceria
Black Olive Cerveceria

Wine and dine at Black Olive!

Contact Details:

Unit R3A and B, Camino Verde Avenue, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City
T: 633 – 2071
C: 0926-6730726
E: blacko[email protected]
Twitter and Instagram: @BlackOlivePH


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  1. Looks good but some serving looks small for the price. I’ll try it when in the area.

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