Mister Donut goes mobile!

I don’t know anyone in this day and age who doesn’t own a smartphone anymore. These devices can make one’s life easier. Being mobile and being on the go is a normal thing now.

Even restaurants can now be located using a smartphone. So, it’s no surprise that Mister Donut has developed a remarkable app to help their tech-savvy customers look for a Mister Donut branch near their present location. This revolutionary Mister Donut Philippines app uses GPS and map functions to inform nearby Smartphone users about exciting promos and product innovations. Initially available in the greater Metro Manila area only, donut lovers will soon be able to search through a directory of Mister Donut locations around the country, including cart, dine-in, or take-out locations.Mister Donut goes mobile!

If you find yourself within the 400 meter range of a Mister Donut branch, a push notification appears on your phone to share the latest exciting promo from that store. As you travel along a particular route, different branches in that vicinity can share with you the various ongoing promotions unique to their set location. The fun thing about this is that you can avail on a great deal for a box of donuts or redeem the giveaway of the day all through the convenience of this app.

This amazing new app has coupons and special offers that clients can present to select Mister Donut stores through the app itself. The most recent promo was a chance to get 2 Free Bavarian Donuts, the perfect snack for any day. Avid app users will definitely look forward to more surprises from this beloved donut brand. That “ngiting” Mister Donut effect comes so easily by biting into their various soft delicious donut products, and even now by enjoying easier access through their innovative app. Log on to Google Play, or the Apple App Store to download the Mister Donut Philippines app, and answer the call of your sweet tooth with a fun-pasalubong treat today!Ngiting Mister Donut

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