Christmas with Kenny Rogers Roasters!

Just 4 days to go before Christmas! Have you already thought of what food you’ll be preparing for Noche Buena or for Christmas lunch? If I were you, I wouldn’t stress myself out too much. Let Kenny Rogers Roasters handle your feast!Kenny Rogers Roasters Christmas Feast
Kenny’s Bacon Wrapped Chicken, Potato Gratin, Blueberry Salad, Christmas Muffins and a pitcher of drink. Make this entire set the star of your Noche Buena feast! (Php750.00)

And in case you’re wondering… Yes, It does taste as good as it looks!

Bacon Wrapped Chicken
Kenny Rogers Roasters Christmas Feast
The bacon wrapped around the chicken is a perfect match! The chicken’s roasted taste partnered with the oh so irresistible flavor of bacon is all sorts of fantastic! That crazily delicious texture and taste of the bacon combined with Kenny’s roasted chicken drippings drove me crazy! Good job to whoever thought of this insanely great idea.

Potato Gratin and Blueberry Salad
Kenny Rogers Roasters Christmas Feast
Potato Gratin
Who doesn’t love potatoes and cream? The kind of potatoes that are seasoned perfectly and cooked just right. This cheesy and creamy Potato Gratin did not disappoint one bit! It makes for a pleasant side dish.

Blueberry Salad
At first, I got weirded out because of the color. It was like Ube jam with pasta! But when I finally tasted it, I discovered it was smooth, sweet, with no trace of tang from the blueberry at all. Very refreshing.

These two side dishes went absolutely well with the bacon wrapped chicken! The entire set had all the delightful contrasting flavors you would want in a full meal that invokes happiness just like Christmas – sweet, salty, creamy, flavorful. And just like a home decorated and ready for the holiday season, Kenny Rogers Roasters’ Christmas offering is very pretty to look at!

Kenny’s Christmas Muffins
Kenny Rogers Roasters Christmas Feast - muffins
The festive colors of Christmas – on a muffin! Yum! In Strawberry Choco Chip, Choco Peanut Butter and Choco Mint flavors.

This can also be ordered in small servings for only Php225.00!Kenny Rogers Roasters Christmas Feast
Quarter Bacon Wrapped Chicken, 2 sides, 1 muffin, 1 rice.

They also have Chicken Burrito and Quesadilla if you want to add some Mexican touches to your feast. Why not!Kenny Rogers Roasters Christmas FeastKenny Rogers Roasters Christmas Feast

This hearty meal can be ordered online through the convenience of credit card payment!

If you plan to spend your Christmas vacation in Tagaytay, visit the new Kenny Rogers Roasters branch at Sky Ranch. This could be the prettiest Kenny Rogers branch I have ever seen!Kenny Rogers Roasters Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Kenny Rogers Roasters Sky Ranch Tagaytay
Kenny Rogers Roasters Sky Ranch Tagaytay

The cool breeze of Tagaytay and the view of the Sky Ranch Amusement Park makes it a wonderful outdoor setting. More reasons to eat al fresco.Kenny Rogers Roasters Sky Ranch Tagaytay



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