Nuffnang Philippines meets Nuffnang Malaysia!

Road trip. Getaway. Long drive. Food. – That’s how I spent one whole day with a bunch of cool and rowdy people just recently!

Last December 7, we were able to meet some of Nuffnang Malaysia‘s really nice bloggers! Jane, Ernest, Dev and Justin were flown to the Philippines to meet the Nuffnang Philippines team (that’s us!) for their #DigiWWWOW tour.

From morning to night, it was non-stop fun! Getting to know each other, endless stories and overflowing food with some booze of course! It’s endless! Here’s a short iMovie that I made using the pictures we took in Subic.

I love making new friends, to be able to tour them around and show them the beauty of our country even for just a short while. Thank you to Thei, Mauro and Ritz for choosing us to be part of this fun-filled day and the Googlygooeys team – Anthony (or Pong as we fondly call him) and Tippy for an unforgettable time!

Thei (@IsobelAlthea)
Mauro (@maurodaez)
Ritz (@marcritzz)

Pong (@ponggo_googlygooeys)
Tippy (@googlygooeys)
Chuckie (@chuckiedreyfus)
Yen (@yendreyfus)

Jane (@JaneChuck)
Dev (@DeviliciousDev / @EpicMakanTime)
Ernest (@ernestngBRO)
Justin (@JustinTWJ / @TypicalMsian)


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