Nuffnang Philippines meets Nuffnang Malaysia!

Road trip. Getaway. Long drive. Food. – That’s how I spent one whole day with a bunch of cool and rowdy people just recently!

Last December 7, we were able to meet some of Nuffnang Malaysia‘s┬áreally nice bloggers! Jane, Ernest, Dev and Justin were flown to the Philippines to meet the Nuffnang Philippines team (that’s us!) for their #DigiWWWOW tour.

From morning to night, it was non-stop fun! Getting to know each other, endless stories and overflowing food with some booze of course! It’s endless! Here’s a short iMovie that I made using the pictures we took in Subic.

I love making new friends, to be able to tour them around and show them the beauty of our country even for just a short while. Thank you to Thei, Mauro and Ritz for choosing us to be part of this fun-filled day and the Googlygooeys team – Anthony (or Pong as we fondly call him) and Tippy for an unforgettable time!

Thei (@IsobelAlthea)
Mauro (@maurodaez)
Ritz (@marcritzz)

Pong (@ponggo_googlygooeys)
Tippy (@googlygooeys)
Chuckie (@chuckiedreyfus)
Yen (@yendreyfus)

Jane (@JaneChuck)
Dev (@DeviliciousDev / @EpicMakanTime)
Ernest (@ernestngBRO)
Justin (@JustinTWJ / @TypicalMsian)


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