Yay! I can convert GCash to Globe Rewards now!

I am sure most of you are looking forward to the Christmas vacation and thinking of ways on how to spend it with loved ones without spending so much, right? Well, I have good news! To all Globe subscribers, from now until January 30, 2014, you can watch a movie, go on a shopping spree and enjoy the latest gadgets for FREE with the GCash to Rewards Promo!

You can fast track your rewards conversion when you turn your GCash to Rewards points! It’s as simple as this: 25 GCash = 20 Globe Rewards Points. No brainer, right?

Since my kids’ Christmas vacation is coming soon, my boy has listed some movies already that he wants to see.


While my girl, on the other hand, is checking out clothing stores to look for Christmas gifts for her BFF’s.

Good thing I still have enough GCash that I can convert to Globe Rewards.

Here’s how to do it:

STEP 1: Dial *143# using your Globe or TM SIM.
STEP 2: Choose GCash > Buy Stuff > Convert 25 GCash to 20 Globe Rewards Points to self
STEP 3: Enter your 4-digit GCash MPIN (4-digit).
STEP 4: Press 1 OK to confirm transaction.
STEP 5: Wait for an SMS confirmation which will be sent to your GCash mobile number.
STEP 6: Receive SMS notification once points are seeded

Or you may also click here.

All registered GCash subscribers can easily convert 25 GCash to 20 Globe Rewards Points via *143#.
This is open to all Postpaid, Prepaid and TM GCash registered subscribers.



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