Electrolux – “Wear Your Passion”

I am very passionate about a lot of things. My passions in life never leave me and I embrace these passions constantly starting from the moment I open my eyes each morning.

My family.

Being a homemaker.
Electrolux Wear Your Passion


Electrolux Wear Your Passion

But my passions aren’t just confined in the house. When I step outside and see the real world, that’s where some of my other passions begin.


Electrolux Wear Your Passion

And I am also passionate about making myself look good all the time.
Electrolux Wear Your Passion

Just like the Digital Brand Ambassadors of Electrolux that were presented to the media recently at the “Wear Your Passion Campaign”. These ladies were chosen by Electrolux because of passion for their craft and credibility in their respective fields:

Cheska Garcia-Kramer – a tv personality, Chef Rosebud Benitez-Velasco – a successful chef and Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva – a mompreneur and advocate of active parenting and breast-feeding.

Electrolux Wear Your Passion

These ladies are also passionate in being the best mom to their kids and their husband’s perfect partners.

Like my kids for instance…

My son is passionate about playing basketball that he makes it a point to play everyday in our townhouse’s basketball court with friends or his dad. He’s also a very passionate person when it comes to his cooking, drawings and recently with his growing collection of “Mini-Mates”.Electrolux Wear Your Passion

My daughter on the other hand is passionate about arts and crafts. Doing a variety of D-I-Y make-up creations and continuously learning how to combine colors through YouTube videos.Electrolux Wear Your Passion

My husband is passionate about so many things as well. Gadgets, blogging, staying fit and acting are some of them.Electrolux Wear Your Passion

Being passionate is not only limited to women. Men can most definitely be passionate about their skills or chosen field. Anyone and everyone can be a “Passionista”! So, whatever you do, wherever you go, “Wear Your Passion” with pride.

How about you? What are you passionate about? Share it and get a chance to win prizes through the WYP contest:

Here is how to join and how you can win fabulous prizes from Electrolux!

1. Take a photo of yourself living out your passion.
2. Tell us how your #OOTD represents you.
3. Use the hashtags #WearYourPassion and #Passionista and tag @ElectroluxPH on Instagram.


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