GLOBE REWARDS: Double The Value Of Your Points!

I love using my Globe Rewards Points especially when I pass by Figaro to buy my favorite drink or Petron to gas-up. For one, it’s pocket-friendly. Meaning I don’t need to shell out cash. Two, it’s very convenient. And three, I feel so privileged! Heehee!

So when I learned that Globe is having a DOUBLE YOUR POINTS promo starting today until December 2, I got excited! That’s means half the point consumption but with ALL of the fun!

To all Globe subscribers, enjoy double the value of your rewards at the participating branches listed below for a limited time. This may be offered for a limited time only, but atleast we get to enjoy this rewarding moment.

This is how it works: 1 Globe Rewards Point = Php 2.00. You can take advantage of this promo from 2:00PM – 5:00PM.

Below are the schedule and participating branches:



1. Customer gets ushered in and is briefed about the promo by a promo personnel.
2. While in queue, customer is instructed to text BAL to 4438 by a promo personnel.
3. Customer is informed that every point is equivalent to Php 2 by the promo personnel. (Minimum points requirement applies)
4. Customer chooses her desired items.
5. Customer is instructed to text BUY to 4438 as assisted by the frontliner and/or promo personnel
6. After the transaction, customer has her photo taken with the photo opp board. Promo personnel takes a photo using Globe’s gadget and using the customer’s own gadget. Promo personnel encourages customer to post the photo on his own social media account by connecting to the Tattoo stick.

Here are the other partner merchants that you can also use your Globe Rewards Points with: Enchanted Kingdom, Memo Xpress, Petron, Rose Pharmacy, Sunglass Hut and Wendys.


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  1. I’m just curious about this blog..the link through Chuckie Dreyfus on our thread at FBW. You have a very organized and wonderful foodie blog. I have some foodie blogs too.

    1. Thank you! I will visit your blog too. 🙂

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