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Even when I was young, I hate getting wounded because it results in having scars. Some of them stay seemingly forever no matter what you do. I would buy all sorts of cream or ointment, hoping they’ll magically remove the scar right away or conceal it at the very least. When the scar is visible, most especially when it’s located on my leg, I wouldn’t dare wear shorts or a skirt that easily shows it! Until now, in my age, I am still very conscious of what I wear and how I look. So, can you just imagine how bothersome it is looking at the kitchen burns that I get almost everyday from cooking? Let’s be honest, the annoying scars on my arms are ugly!

Remember about the Bio-Oil blog article I posted a few weeks back? Well… for 2 weeks now, I have been religiously using it on my arms where I recently had a burn.


My right arm had an obvious brown-colored scar that’s a sore to my eyes! I didn’t try any other scar remover creams that I have in my dresser anymore. I exclusively used Bio-Oil because I wanted to see if it’s as amazingly effective as others claimed it to be. Surprisingly, it really worked! It lessened the brown color and as plus, it actually made my skin smoother, too.

Compare. The left photo was taken last September 27. While the one on the right was taken just last week.


Look at how the color of the scar dramatically improved? I used Bio-Oil for exactly 2 weeks and stopped it right away. Had I continued using it ’til now, the scar would’ve probably been totally erased already! Bio-Oil delivered the kind of results that no other cream or skin application could!

Don’t just look at my pictures or read my story, I’m sure you’ve got unsightly scars, too, so go get your own Bio-Oil. Try it and see for yourself. I’m quite sure you’ll be pleased yourself. Keep in mind that results are always on a case-to-case basis. Some skin types may heal faster depending on its type… age may also come into play. But one thing’s for sure – you will most definitely see results one way or the other.

Now, I don’t even have to worry about getting kitchen burns during “kitchen time” anymore. Good thing Bio-Oil is very friendly on the pocket, too!


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