Rummaging, collecting, buying and packing donations for the Typhoon Yolanda victims is a painful thing to do. We may have heard of a typhoon coming. We were aware of the intensity. We were “supposed” to be ready. But still… It was not something anyone could have prepared for.

As I pack the last box, I can’t help but cry. Nonstop tears. I could have just said, “Hey, I already did my part. I should be fine.” These donations and my efforts are nothing compared to what the Typhoon Yolanda victims are going through now… Homeless. Hungry. Tired. Alone. Orphaned. Grieving. I can only imagine.

Oh God, please help each and every one living in the affected areas. Help may be on the way but until it’s there, these people are helpless. They also need spiritual and emotional healing. Let us storm the heavens with prayers.


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