Be Theft-Free with Travelon

How can one be safe nowadays especially when travelling either local or international? In this day and age when everything is high-tech, are we really sure that our personal identification and sensitive information contained in our passports or credit cards are safe from hackers? How about our bags that contain valuables and belongings?

Simple. With Travelon bags, wallets and even passport holders, you are assured of a high level of security. These bags have slash proof and locking shoulder straps, slash proof body panels, locking zippers with true RFID blocking but still giving the overall appearance a chic and stylish look.




Recently, I was invited to Travelon’s LOCKED AND LOADED launch at the very posh Solaire Resort & Casino. I witnessed first hand how innovative and beautifully designed Travelon products were.

Take this bag for example. The shoulder strap is securely locked onto the chair.

With Travelon’s locking shoulder straps, the thief won’t be able to get your bag!

They also have a waterproof phone pouch.


A fully functional case wherein you can even use your gadget while it is still inside the pouch! It doesn’t have any zip locks because Travelon says zip locks are very unreliable. Theirs is vacuum sealed and made doubly secure with velcro. Put your gadget inside, stretch the screen a little and it’s good to go! It floats and is totally idiot-proof! A must for every traveler! This product alone is sold at an outrageous rate of about 100k items per month. Woah!

This Travelon bag that I own has all the anti-theft features that I need!


Locking Zippers


Locking Carabineers and Cut-proof Strap


It even has RFID Shielded Pockets with credit card slots facing the owner to avoid showing personal details to strangers when opened. It comes with a mini flashlight, too!

Mr. Don Godshaw, the President and CEO of Travelon, flew to the Philippines to personally explain Travelon’s brand philosophy. He even demonstrated and dissected a Travelon bag explaining the anti-theft features.


Since 1978, Travelon has been a supplier of travel accessories and luggage. Starting out as a domestic manufacturer of luggage carts, Travelon has evolved into a value-added designer and manufacturer of every essential travel item. Through innovative, often patented product design, backed by outstanding merchandising and dealer support, Travelon now operates as a leader in the travel product industry.

Check out Travelon’s anti-theft bags at The Travel Club stores near you. For outlets, click here.


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