Staying Fit Need Not Be Too Hard

Keeping physically fit is hard as you age. Everything changes, most especially your physical appearance. At 37, I have to work double time to stay in shape and look good. It’s made even harder because all I do is eat out almost everyday due to food event invitations and regular family dine outs. Not to mention the various kinds of food I prepare everyday at home.

Having said that, exercising and eating the right kind (and amount) of food are some of the secrets to keeping my body healthy. A balanced diet is vital!

I exercise at home with the help of my badass husband-trainer! Though I stopped for several months, I am back on track now (with a vengeance) and making it a point to sweat at least 3 times a week.20131104-021017.jpg
I also take Carbtrim to help in digestion and regulate bowel movement. I usually drink Carbtrim during carb-heavy meals because it helps prevent my body from absorbing too much carbohydrates. I take it as juice instead of having soda or fruit drinks.20131104-021732.jpg

Good thing there are a number of restaurants that serve healthy dishes already. More and more people are starting to become conscious about their diet.

We should always watch what we eat and lead a healthy lifestyle.

What about you? How do you stay fit?


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