Back in the day, all we had were just milk shakes and Slurpees. I always tell my grandpa after school to drive us to the nearest fast food chain or 7-Eleven branch. And since 7-Eleven can be found almost everywhere, Slurpee is easily my favorite affordable drink. And since I drink it often, I’d get brainfreezed all the time!

Now that I have kids of my own, it so happens that my son, specifically, has become a Slurpee addict as well! He would always get the largest size whenever we drop by 7-Eleven.

If you’re a Slurpee fan just like me and my kids, read on…

7-Eleven is launching the Philippines version of “Bring Your Own Cup Day” on November 7, 2013. You can bring your own cup to fill it with your Slurpee for only Php29.00! But this is a one-day-only event! So don’t miss this chance!


The cup that you will be bringing can be anything you like just as long as it will fit through the “MaCUPangyarihang Bilog”. It can be a gigantic mug, a water container, a flowerpot or even a leather boot! As long as it is clean, leak-proof, fixed in size and shape. You can fit your “cup” in the standee with a hole that measures 9 inches in diameter. Like this one.


But the fun doesn’t just stop there! The most creative “cup” can win Php 5,000.00! Just follow 7-Eleven Facebook and Instagram accounts, upload your photo with your “cup” and use the official #BYOCupDay hashtag!

Don’t forget to like 7-Eleven Philippines at and follow their Instagram at @711ph when you use the hashtag #BYPCupDay on November 7!

Now, let me rummage through my pile of containers and see what I can use! Won’t miss it for the world!


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