Brasserie Ciçou: A Taste Of France In San Juan

Brasserie Ciçou is Chef Cyrille‘s very own restaurant. He is the brains behind the absofriggin’ delicious Kouing Aman as well as the restaurant’s other goodlookin’ and smashing dishes!20131029-083238.jpg

Last week, I went crazy when my husband and I tasted their Crab and Oysters menu which they are currently offering for the month of October.

Upon our arrival, we were given Blanc Lime (white wine with Sprite) to compliment the appetizers.20131029-032510.jpg

The perfect, light drink for a hot humid day.

The bread followed soon after with butter that seemed to have been inspired by the Madeleine cake. Very French right up to the most minute of details.20131029-032617.jpg20131029-032630.jpg

First off was a Warm Salad of Crab Meat with Pistachio Scented with Kaffir on Cauliflower Royale (Php480.00).20131029-080432.jpg

Sounds complicated, huh? Doesn’t matter. What’s important is that the dish was delicious – Light and clean yet the taste was flavorful.

Next came the oysters! This is it, guys… Get ready to drool over this feast!

Baked Oysters with Home-made Pork Garlic Sausage, Sautèed Foie Gras, Gratinated with Parmesan and Sabayon (Php980.00).

Make sure to order this! The fresh oyster, Foie Gras + Pork Garlic Sausage were a hit! Warning though, the richness of each ingredient can be quite overwhelming (but oh so good). So, in between bites, sip some Blanc Lime.

20131029-080727.jpgIf you want a lighter version, try the Baked Oysters Topped with Mushroom Confit, Gratinated with Parmesan and Sabayon (Php620.00).

This tasted wonderful also! You’ll notice a hint of lime in the sauce that compliments well with the oyster’s freshness. That distinct taste brings it all uniquely together.

*Not the actual size or number of servings. What was served to us were just samplers.

After eating those beautifully cooked oysters, this Soft-boiled Egg Coated with Crispy Crab Meat Crumbs on a Bed of Sautéed Crab meat and Romaine, Romaine Foam and Tobiko (Php350.00) made for a scrumptious light appetizer, too!20131029-080753.jpg20131029-080806.jpg

The combination of the simple flavors of the egg, crab and Tobiko tasted great! The Tobiko actually gives this dish character. Plus points that the entire presentation gave off a refreshing vibe.

This Skewer of Crispy Crab Cake, Deep-fried Oysters coated with Seaweed Crumbs, Pan-seared Foie Gras, Beetroot Paste, Mesclun Salad, Beetroot Gastrique (Php390.00) is another fabulous appetizer.20131029-081232.jpg

It’s the seaweed crumbs that make this dish fantastic! When you bite into it, the perfectly fried and flavorful Crispy Crab Cake crumbles in your mouth together with the Beetroot Paste leaving you wanting for more! While the diced Pan-seared Foie Gras should be eaten alone to fully enjoy its rich buttery taste.

These were all just appetizers by the way. We haven’t really gotten to the main part yet. For that, we were served Fresh Crab Cooked in Court Bouillon, Stir-fried in Garlic Butter Sauce, served on Top of Angel Hair Pasta, Tossed in Aligue Crab Bisque Sauce (Php1,200.00)20131029-081244.jpg

I love not hating garlic. So, anything with garlic and butter is always good in my books – a winning combination! Make sure to twirl the noodles around to get all the flavors from each ingredient. Follow it up by scooping some of the delicious crab meat. Heaven! Good thing we were served just the sampler size. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the whole serving.

A great meal always has to have a sweet ending. A wonderful dessert should always cap a fulfilling meal. I may not have a sweet tooth but I always make sure to have room for dessert. This La Marronnier (Php150.00) tasted as beautiful as its presentation!20131029-081440.jpg

Made of Chocolate Biscuit Layered with Calvados* Mousse with caramelized Chestnuts, Quenelle of Chocolate Chantilly on Chocolate Crumbs. Take a little scoop of that Quenelle of Chocolate Chantilly on the side (which looks like paté) everytime you have a bite of the La Marronnier. It tasted like a delicate light mocha ice cream with a little hint of sweetness except that it isn’t cold.

*Calvados is an apple brandy.

While these 2 desserts need no further explanation – Kouign Amann with Salted Caramel Ice Cream and Chocolate Kouign Amann

It’s quite comforting to know that when I crave for French cuisine, Brasserie Ciçou is just a stones throw away from my place. It is just beside OB Montessori actually.20131029-032308.jpg

Photo courtesy of Brasserie Ciçou

When you are inside, it feels like you are dining in a foreign place.20131029-083338.jpg

You probably think kids might not enjoy the quiet ambience of Brasserie Ciçou? You’re wrong. This restaurant is absolutely kid-friendly! There’s a ton of fun space for children a few steps away from the main dining area complete with throw pillows & board games to keep them happy and busy.20131029-083447.jpg

For intimate gatherings, you can have this area reserved. The curtains can be closed to give you privacy. But the entire place can accommodate 100 persons.20131029-083530.jpg

Brasserie Ciçou is a fine establishment with wonderful food and impeccable service!

Thank you to Chef Cyrille Soenen and her wife Anna Ascalon – Soenen for the wonderful lunch! Although Chef Cyrille wasn’t there to join us, I hope to see him there when we go back with our kids.

About Chef Cyrille:

Originally from Paris and after more than 10 years in Manila, Chef Cyrille opened his own restaurant – Brasserie CiÇou in Greenhills to give you the finest authentic French cuisine.

Contact Details

Address: 57 Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City
T: 661 – 9200
F: 661 – 9643
M: 0917 – 8858841
E: [email protected]


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