‘Tis Really the Season to Be Jolly with Seattle’s Best!

No doubt, Christmas is really just around the corner!

So, what better way to start the celebration than to take the whole family to any Seattle’s Best branch and enjoy being like a kid again and seemingly revelling “Christmas inside a toyshop”. Be a child once again and have fun inside Seattle’s Best with the young ones with their attractive displays of alphabet toy blocks, toy trains and, YES, even an SBC drummer boy!

And while you’re enthralled by SBC’s joyful ambience, don’t forget to try out their new Christmas drinks, too! I tell you, this will give the other coffee shops’ Christmas drinks a run for their money!


COOKIES & MINT – Classic mocha with a tempting mix of Oreo cookies and mint syrup covered with whipped cream and crushed Oreo cookies. An SBC all-time Christmas favorite!

GINGERBESTWhite chocolate mocha infused with gingerbread syrup, garnished with whipped cream, topped with Christmas tree candy sprinkles and gingerbread candy man.

EGGNOG FROSTWhite chocolate mocha perfectly combined with eggnog and cinnamon vanilla flavors topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with silver candy beads.

ROASTED HAZELNUTClassic mocha harmoniously mixed with roasted hazelnut and coffee syrups topped with a cloud of whipped cream, crushed hazelnuts and snowflakes candies.
*These drinks can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

I immediately fell in love with SBC’s Eggnog Frost! It reminded me of my childhood. They use real thick whipped cream and not the kind that contains mostly air!


Seattle’s Best’s offerings are not only limited to these wonderful concoctions, they are also launching the Seattle’s Best Coffee 2014 Dream Journal today!


It comes in four (4) colors: purple, charcoal gray, brown and peach.

Some of wonderful things you’ll see inside the planner:

Monthly Freebies

Monthly Calendar

One Music CD Compilation

One Coaster

One Metal Bookmark



Writing and Special Pages


This journal contains at least Php3,000.00 worth of freebies!

How to have one?
1. Customers may start collecting their (18) stickers starting today (October 24, 2013) to January 15, 2014.
2. (1) sticker is given for each SBC beverage purchase (excluding bottled drinks and water).
3. Cardholder must accumulate (18) stickers to redeem (1) SBC Dream Journal. The (18) stickers must be composed of 8 holiday stickers and 10 regular stickers.
4. The holiday drinks are as follows: Gingerbest, Eggnog Frost, Roasted Hazelnut and Cookies & Mint.
5. Cardholder should present their SBC Dream Card to the cashier upon purchase to get the corresponding number of stickers.
6. Tampering with and/or transferring of stickers to another SBC Dream Card is not allowed. This will render all the stickers in the SBC Dream card null and void.
7. Once all stickers are completed, cardholder must submit the SBC Dream Card to redeem an SBC Dream Journal from any cafes nationwide. A combination of up to 2 cards will be allowed as long as the stickers for the 8 holiday drinks and 10 regular drinks are completed with the two cards combined.
8. Transactions with Senior Citizen and SBC VIP Card discounts are qualified for the promotion. Any other in-store promotions and discounts are disqualified to join this promotion.
9. A portion of the total sales of a completed SBC Dream Card will be donated to SBC’s partner organization, World Vision.
10.Redemption of the SBC Dream Journal is up to March 16, 2014 only.

The proceeds of the SBC 2014 Dream Journal redemption will benefit the children of World Vision. Seattle’s Best Coffee continues to support World Vision and currently sponsors 16 children.

Hands down, Seattle’s Best Coffee has the most attractive and heavenly-flavored Christmas drinks! It will send you straight to the moon (and perhaps beyooooond) and will make you shout, “HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas”!



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