My Perfect Eggs!

My husband and kids are egg lovers. They want their eggs runny! You’ll see the look on their faces when they get a dry unattractive sunny side-up egg for breakfast. That’s why I handle their eggs with utmost care (That sounded weird! Haha!) But I’ve also learned how to make a yummy toasted sunny side-up egg. My mother-in-law used to brown her eggs on both sides. The edge of the egg is crunchy without the burnt taste. It’s actually like eating “rice crispies” and can be held like a slice of pizza pie – tastes really good, too!

And because my family are so into eggs, especially my husband, I have mastered how to make the perfect soft-boiled eggs! Pardon my boastfulness… it’s just that a perfect soft-boiled egg is quite difficult to make. Either the egg comes out undercooked with that slimy, stringy texture (close to eating it raw) or you end up with the usual hard-boiled version of it.

I’ve been getting a good number of inquiries about this ever since I posted my soft-boiled egg Instavideos. I honestly didn’t want to share it at first (Haha!). But I realized, I’m not making a profit out of it anyways, so I might as well share my knowledge.

So, here it is!

4-minute soft-boiled egg:

The entire yolk is deliciously runny.

6-minute soft-boiled egg:

The outer part of the yolk is almost dry. My daughter prefers this kind.

Before submerging the egg, make sure the water is really boiling. Set your timer to your desired time. Once you hear the timer go off, immediately drain the water and place the egg under running water to stop the egg from cooking. Slowly crack the shell open, sprinkle a little salt and serve while warm.


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