Marks & Spencer Food Fair

Did you know that some of Marks & Spencer’s delectable treats and food finds are now priced lower? I am sure this is good news to all M&S fans, like me!

During their Food Fair which was held at The Atrium of the Eastwood Mall just recently, I was able to try their delicious treats and sampled several dishes whipped up by Chef Luigi Muhlach during the cooking demo that featured some M&S food products such as, authentic Italian pastas and sauces, chilled-to-frozen ready meals and desserts and confectioneries.


Chef Luigi’s menu using M&S products.


Chef Luigi about to get his hands dirty with the beautiful Sam Oh hosting the event.

Crab Cake, Ham Sandwich and Duck Spring Roll


These are easy to make and can be your kid’s school snack. They can also be served during an afternoon party with friends.



The noodles were cooked properly and the flavors were evenly distributed. I just wished for more sauce, though.

Vegetable Curry and Bagoong Rice


I was surprised that the vegetables were still crunchy despite it being frozen. The aroma of the curry will tickle your fancy. The combined taste of curry + bagoong surprisingly worked to think it both had strong flavors. These dishes were full of character and turned out quite well!

Mango Cheesecake


For that sweet ending! This Mango Cheesecake using M&S New York Cheesecake was worth every calorie!

To complete the event and to feature the selection of M&S wines, a discussion on wine pairing was given by a wine expert, Ms. Chie Gatchalian of 5 & a ½ Twists afterwards. She walked us through each type of wine – white, red or sparkling and what goes best with a particular type of dish – because wine should not overpower the food.


These are the wines that I liked:



We started off with this Italian sparkling wine that has 13% alcohol content. This particular drink is dry and is most often taken as an aperitif or before a meal. This type of sparkling wine is friendly on the pocket, too. So, if you want to serve this kind of wine to your friends, M&S has ’em. Pardon the glass, this should be served in a flute glass. Guess it’s it wasn’t available.

Bordeaux Merlot


This is a palate-friendly red wine. Softer, juicier and fruitier. Tastes like plum and smells like pencil shavings. Best paired with cold cuts or sausages.



This wine has a vanilla taste to it. According to Ms. Gatchalian, this is vanilla ice cream’s perfect partner. Just drizzle a little and voila!

The more I learn about wine, the more I am eager to buy. It’s good to know your wine very well. Good thing M&S wines are affordable. I can splurge a little bit more.

I’ve been attending wine events lately with my husband and these wine tasting sessions are slowly turning me into a wine enthusiast.


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