Gas Up!

I love being rewarded. Who doesn’t, anyway? So, when I learned that I can actually redeem my Globe Rewards Points at Petron among other really cool partner merchants, I rushed off to the nearest Petron station immediately. I had a substantial amount of Globe Rewards points but I didn’t want to use all of it up on gasoline alone (I intend to use some of them on other establishments, too) so, I decided to gas-up using 300 points only.

Surprisingly enough, it was very easy!

Check out just how fast and effortless the process was:

Step 1: I asked for the assistance of the attendant. He then led me to the convenience store where I can redeem my Globe Rewards Points.


Step 2: I typed in BUY 09177943275 300 and sent to 4438. 09177943275 is the Globe Rewards merchant number of that particular Petron branch.


Text BUY and send to 4438

Step 3: The cashier attendant will confirm the redemption of points from your mobile phone number. Confirmation happens almost instantaneously. Once confirmed, you will be given a receipt which you will present to the gas attendant.


Step 4: The same amount will be punched in to be used for your gas.


NOTE: Since taking pictures in the lube is not allowed (due to safety precautions), I took this after the gas attendant punched in the amount.

Step 5: Here is my receipt! Voila! My gas tank has been filled-up with my 300 Globe Rewards Points.

I love it! No need for cash or swiping of your credit card! If you want to have the same awesome experience, it’s pretty simple – the more you use your Globe phone and continue loading it up to avail of Globe’s unbelievably affordable call/text/data promos, the more Globe Rewards points you gain! Since I still have enough Globe Rewards Points to use, it looks like I’ll be buying my favorite Figaro drink next!

Redemption is easily done via SMS anytime you want to redeem in partner stores. Subscribers simply need to text BUY and send to 4438.

To check available points, text BAL to 4438.
*Minimum of 50 Globe Rewards Points per redemption (1 point = Php1.00)
*TM Astig Rewards points are also accepted.

For more details, visit


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