What’s inside my medicine pouch?

I have always been an “obsessive compulsive” (OC) for as far back as I can remember. I know right away when my dresser has been touched or when my daughter has rummaged through the clothes inside my cabinet. Whenever I leave the house… regardless if it’s just a quick trip to the grocery or going on vacation, I make sure that my bag is packed with my basic essentials.20130929-013946.jpg

My current bag.

I have 3 pouches inside my bag:
1. Phone banks kit
2. Medicine pouch
3. Mini make-up kit

I cannot live without these pouches. I just move my entire bag organizer to a different bag whenever the need arises. When my husband and I stayed at F1 Hotel Manila the other weekend for a staycation, my medicine pouch was a huge help to me because my husband suddenly had the flu. Had I not brought along my basic medicines, I would probably have been forced to call the front office to ask for some pills. Knowing how hotel fees go, that would’ve also meant being billed extra for it… not to mention the service charge they normally place on top of the actual cost! Take it from someone who has been in the hotel industry. 😉

So, what was in my medicine pouch that helped relieve my husband’s fever and made him feel a tad more comfortable during our staycation?20130929-014638.jpg

Biogesic, Alaxan and Neozep – these have always been my best (and dependable) friends. These are just a few of my highly trusted medicines from Unilab which I grew up relying on. You will always see these pills inside my pouch and even in my medicine cabinet.20130929-090400.jpg

I love how Biogesic can be taken even on an empty stomach while Alaxan easily relieves you of any body pain you might feel.

Having your supplies ready will help you handle an emergency situation right away. Gone are the unnecessary panic moments and less stress.

How about you, what’s inside your medicine pouch? What are your trusted brands?


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