“Getting Better Just Got Better” with UPMC!

“The greatest wealth is Health.” ~Unknown

Indeed, health is wealth! I for one have been in and out of hospitals since I was a kid. It is really difficult to be sick, more so to be admitted. Not only is it boring to be holed up in a hospital room, confinement means you should cough up huge sums of money for medical expenses especially when you stay there longer.

So, when I learned about University Physicians Medical Center (UPMC), a private multi-specialty outpatient diagnostic and surgical center designed as a one-stop health facility established in 2010, I knew immediately that this would be good news especially to those who are on a shoestring budget.UPMC

UPMC is a 3-storey building situated within the newly-renovated University of the Philippines-Manila – Philippine General Hospital (UPM-PGH) Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB)

UPMC is a Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC). In lay man’s terms, they are capable of performing same-day surgeries focusing on minimally-invasive techniques (READ: small incisions) including laparoscopic, endoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries that won’t hurt your budget. A patient can go home the same day lessening the cost of hospital bills and risk of getting hospital acquired diseases. One can recover at the comforts of their home with their loved ones to take care of them immediately. Isn’t that wonderful?

It was nice to see a clean and stress-free hospital during our tour. Additional points for having such accommodating and kind department heads and staff, too!

Let me walk you through the facilities of UPMC. The ground floor level has the following:Ground Floor
And the Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) is on the 2nd floor.ASC

While UPMC offers ASC, they also have other services that include a fully automated Laboratory, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Cardiovascular, Industrial Clinic and Occupational Health, Intravenous Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine using all new state of the art medical facilities.Gamma CameraFluoroscopyX-RayCT-ScanDigital MammogramDialysis and LaboratoryRooms 20-23

For patients and visitors convenience, a coffee shop and a food kiosk is just on the 1st level and the main food court on the 2nd level.Food choicesEven parking your vehicle isn’t a problem. You can make use of the PGH pay parking area.

You can now expect good and able treatment at University Physicians Medical Center under the competent hands of well trained medical experts affiliated with UP and PGH. Just call their trunkline number and ask for a specialist. We can actually also encourage foreigners to avail of these affordable medical services here in our country.

Operation Hours:
Open from Mondays through Fridays from 6 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 6am to 6pm.

(21) Partner HMOs
(5) Insurance Companies
(14) Corporate Accounts

University Physicians Medical Center is the trade name of the Mercado Ambulatory and Surgical Centers, Inc. (MASCI) and operated and managed by the Mercado General Hospital, Inc.

Contact Details:

UPM-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB),
PGH Compound, Taft Avenue, 1000 Manila, Philippines
T: (02) 708-0000
E: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UPMC.FMAB
Website: http://upmc.net.ph


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