Admittedly, I cannot travel light. As a wife and mom, I double pack our basic necessities: toiletries, medicines and light snacks specifically in different pouches. So, more often than not, my luggage weighs more than the actual weight requirement. Same goes for occasions when I am travelling alone. During those times, I would always have what I call my “+3” – additional clothing, shoes and accessories good for 3 extra days. That’s how terrible I am with packing!

Good thing, Flight 001 (pronounced as “flight one”) has already opened several stores in our country. One of which was the newly opened branch at the East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall which is just around my neck of the woods.

Flight 001 makes packing and travelling a whole lot easier with their functional and amazing products. Just like this Spacepak.20130920-091430.jpg20130920-092447.jpg
Here is Mr. Brad John (Co-founder of Flight 001) demonstrating how to pack your clothes good for 2 weeks!20130920-091705.jpg

Photo courtesy of Flight001

Spacepak has:
Air-pockets on the side so the air comes out when you press it down giving you maximized luggage space.
Easy to bring around and store.
Keeps your wardrobe neat and tidy.

Flight 001, your one-stop travel store has an assortment of travel products. Here are some items that I have now.

Tote Bag

Passport Case


Document Holder


Luggage Tags


Shoes and Laundry Bags

Flight 001 stores are designed to recreate the look and feel of the fuselage of a 747 jet airliner. The unique interiors feature a glowing lighting effect, curved walls and warm walnut paneling. It has a retro modern feel, evoking the glamorous jet-set era of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Check out their branches:

F1 Mandaluyong –
Shangri-La Plaza Mall
East Wing

F1 Taguig –
Bonifacio Global City Central,
Upper Ground Floor
T: 720 – 9683

F1 Davao –
SM Lanang Premiere,
Level 2
T: 285 – 1668

Website: http://www.flight001.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flight001Ph


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