“HAYOP na Degustacion!”

This Lechon Degustacion was insane! The 14-course dinner we had started at 8pm and ended at 12midnight was one for the books!

After receiving the invitation for “HAYOP na Degustacion” private dinner at Dedet’s home in Makati, I psyched myself not to eat lunch or take in too much softdrinks prior to the evening’s most anticipated festivity. Yet, even after those “preparations” so to speak, turns out I was still unprepared for the gastronomic deluge that was to come.

Drool over this enormous feast, guys! If you don’t salivate after reading this, I don’t know what else will! 😉

One (1) lechon is quite enough to make me happy. But two (2) different kinds of lechon de leches were rolled out that night! Ecstacy!

Lechon #1: Than Long de Leche

Than Long de LecheThan Long de LecheAll my favorites in one dish! This lechon was stuffed with garlic noodles and crab meat. It was actually a meal in itself already with the perfectly, addicting and salty crispy skin! The entire lechon was seasoned just right, complimenting the semi-bland noodles. But drizzling everything with garlic, butter and olive oil sauce, made this dish extra smashin’!

Lechon #2: Lechon Ham in Sweet Ham SauceLechon Ham in Sweet Ham SauceLechon Ham in Sweet Ham SauceThis reminds me very much of Christmas! It was a perfect blend of savory and sweet flavors with slices of yummy ham inside. The ham sauce was really sweet though. Good thing I didn’t soak my lechon with the sauce since it gets a tad overwhelming when you use too much of it.

But prior to these lechon de leches, we were served assorted Filipino dishes to complete the degustacion. There was, more or less, a 10minute interval in-between dishes so that you can be able to pace yourself, enjoy your food and relax. I’ll show you my top 5 dishes:

Our welcome drink was Pepita’s Magic Drink!

Pour the pineapple juice + lambanog mixture on top of the cotton candy ’til it melts. You now have your “fun instant” punch! But for people who don’t like alcohol, you can request for a non-alcoholic juice to pour over it.

Bone Marrow SurpriseBone Marrow SurpriseMy love for bone marrow goes back to my childhood days. Back when my grandmother would cook delicious Beef Nilaga for us. So, it was a no-brainer that I would fall in love with this! I was already excited to try their version when I saw it on the menu! The richness, the fat and gelatinous texture with oxtail marmalade as the dish’s chaser and chicharon bits (which you sprinkle on top of the marrow instead of sea salt) was worth the cholesterol!
PS. I actually had 2 of these. Anna gave her share to me! Oh, my aching batok! Haha!

HiplogHiplog2 common favorites of Filipinos – HIPon (shrimp) and itLOG na maalat (salted egg), hence the name of the dish. This dish was simple but the shrimp was cooked right and seasoned perfectly. Really flavorful and delicious! I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t enjoy this dish. Best to eat it this while still warm.

Sip It SarapSipit SarapFrom the word “sipit” (claw), you can immediately tell that this is a crab dish. It was a claw cooked in coconut milk and taba ng talangka – the perfect combination of flavors to make this dish “to die for”! If it had 2 pieces of claws, I would’ve probably requested for rice. Haha!

Included in their TO GO MENU are Hiplog & Sip It Sarap – but instead of just the claws being cooked in taba ng talangka, the entire crab is used.

Cholesterol SweeperCholesterol SweeperOatmeal cooked in white chocolate. I agree with some that it had a very faint taste of jackfruit. This was amazingly good and we needed this! If you will eat this separately, this is perfect for a rainy day.

While I may have my favorites, the remaining dishes (pictured below) are deliciously good as well and I am sure these offerings will be enjoyed by others too.

Assorted #1
1. Tendon Chips with DipCommon crackling to us is pork but not beef. This fried beef tendon was lightly seasoned and dipping it in the Sinigang sa Gabi dip gives it a whole lot of character. A lovely experiment if I may say so myself.
Trivia #1: Dedet loves sinigang and this was an experiment that clicked right away.

2. Pop SaladA colorful salad that’s full of flavor and nutrients with cashew butter, micro greens, homemade herb yogurt cheese (made of carabao’s milk) and… Pop Rocks! Yup, you read it right! Pop Rocks that our kids love to eat! It’s simple and light but the pop rocks just made this amazing dish… ummm… POP-out!

3. Pinoy Henyo Para di ManangamoteThis dish is made of ox brain with camote chips on the side. I’m not quite a fan of ox brain, though, but it had a nice after taste that you get from eating Balut which I liked. The sweet taste of the camote chips hit it off well with the ox brain’s stronger flavor. This dish, apparently, won’t be included in the final menu, though.

4. Lucky YouAt first I thought it was Lucky Me noodles with a twist. But lo and behold, it was real, honest to goodness, preservative-free noodles! Cold Chap Chae noodles with Basil Sauce to cleanse the palette after eating too much rich stuff! The Basil gives this fare a cooling and light effect.
Trivia #2: “Lucky You” because Dedet almost didn’t serve it… then she decided otherwise at the very last minute! So… “Lucky you”!

Assorted #2
5. LambadaI must say, this was one soft and tasty Lamb Caldereta! This dish has quite a kick but not overwhelming enough to turn you off. If you aren’t into spicy dishes, best to taste it first. I didn’t have a problem with it since I love anything spicy. I’m not that much of a lamb eater because of its rich gamey flavor but in time I’ve grown to like it. My husband and son both love lamb so, I forced myself to learn how to cook and eat it. The steamed rice which was wrapped in banana leaf was fluffy and really white! I am very particular when it comes to rice. I get easily turned-off when the rice served to me is either not hot, not fluffy or not white in color.
Trivia #3: Dedet said, she fondly named this dish “Lambada” because mapapasayaw ka sa anghang!

6. Cheers!Homemade Sampalok Sorbet to cleanse your palate.

7. Pinoy Dessertmade of suman, yema, macapuno balls, pastillas, chocnut and pili! Too bad I wasn’t able to try this Super Suman! That means, I have to order it soon!

We were also treated to two (2) yummy desserts by Cyrille and Anna Soenen of Brasserie Ciçou.

Kouing AmanKouing AmanA traditional dessert from Brittany that was absolutely divine! Salted caramel ice cream + sweet dough. Buttery, nicely caramelized, rich and dreamy! Forget your Cronuts people… This is the bomb!!! Words fall short in describing how wonderfully good the Kouing Aman is. OMG!

Chocolate BCKAOM or Best Chocolate Kouing Aman Of ManilaChocolate BCKAOMThis is the chocolate version of Kouing Aman! It’s just as good as the original version!

‘Twas another tummy exploding night! Dedet dela Fuente and her entire Pepita’s Kitchen team are kitchen wizards!

with Dedet dela Fuente

With the amazing Dedet dela Fuente of Pepita’s Kitchen!

The group!

The happy group!

Pepita’s Kitchen is only available for private bookings. Should you wish to taste their mouthwatering dishes, you may refer to the take out menu below. I’ve included their contact details as well for your reference.

Oh! Pepita’s Kitchen will be introducing their newest dessert very soon! I wonder what that is? Hmmm….

12-course meal

12-Course Meal

Take-Out MenuTake-Out Menu

Take-Out Menu

Contact Details:

T: 0917-8660662 / 425-4605
E: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lechon-Degustacion-at-Pepitas-Kitchen/


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